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The Reports / DRG module is an extremely robust and flexible module that offers a centralized, transparent view of all the operations performed within the medical unit. The product generates detailed reports, statistics and analysis on the financial or non-financial performance indicators. The lack of a reporting module decreases with almost 50 % the efficiency of an information system that would strictly limit itself to recording data into the system.

Financial and operational benefits

Offers an overview on the medical unit

Thanks to the detailed analyses of the financial or non-financial performance indicators, the management of the medical units not only holds the updated situation of the operations, but also valuable information about the efficiency of the operations. Thus, punctual, proactive measures can be taken in order to fix or increase the efficiency of the areas that can be improved.

Quickly generates updated situations
Thanks to the native integration with any other module in Charisma Medical suite, the Reports module quickly retrieves any type of information, regardless the desired level, and displays it in an user-friendly and easy-to-use GUI.

Increases the analysis capability
The possibility of configuring reports, as well as the desired performance indicators according to the specific or the preferences of each medical unit, enables the medical personnel to analyze in real-time the financial progress of the medical unit, as well as various non-financial indicators such as customer satisfaction or loyalty, the efficiency of schedules and availability of beds, the progress of drug inventory or other useful data.


  • Generates a wide range of standard and operational reports, including reports compliant with SIUI (Unique Integrated Information System) regarding the reimbursement with the insurance houses.
  • Statistical reports: number of patients in the Emergency Room, number of admitted patients, transfer sheet, etc.
  • Operational reports: the patient condition record, the medical record, the medical test record, the drug registry, the discharge sheet, the letter to the family doctor at the patient's discharge, the daily patient transfer sheet.
  • Managerial reports: hospitalization cost per patient, admission/discharge registry by sections/periods, diet record, examinations by period/location.
  • The reports needed to track the quality indicators of the hospital, such as the morbidity report by period, performed surgical interventions, number of procedures performed per patient.
  • Enables the export of the medical records selected by certain criteria for reporting to DRG or DSP.

Some of the customers who use the Reports / DRG module


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