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Polyclinic Care Unit

The complex activity within a medical institution must rely on an unique source of information, easy to access and updated, both about the patients and their route in the medical unit, as well as about the performed examinations and medical tests or the prescribed medication.

The polyclinic care unit software is no exception, requiring complete information on the patients who come to specialist's office for an examination, as well as the possibility to record all the operations carried out within this office: medical tests, examinations, admission, etc. The Polyclinic Care Unit module integrates the entire activity with the data flow existing in the medical unit, including the examination offices.

Financial and operational benefits

Increases patients' safety
Thanks to the possibility of tracking potential allergies, previous medication or the history of the patients' medical problems, the system eliminates the human errors in prescribing the medication and increases the patients' safety.

Reduces the time needed for formalities
By electronically recording in predefined forms and by eliminating the physical transfer of the documents required for the admission or transfer to other medical units, the solution reduces the time spent on routine tasks.

Reduces the operational costs
The module significantly reduces the use of paper, thus decreasing the time spent for filling in and transmitting the patient information to the doctors, and decreasing the personnel costs. Furthermore, the illegible writing on documents is not a problem anymore as the information is saved in an electronic format into the system.

Eliminates human errors
The solution enables saving into the system all the medical examinations performed from the moment the patient arrives at the emergency room, as well as other important patient information.

Provides high accessibility of information
All the patient information can be accessed any time, regardless the physical location of the patient within the medical unit, and can be easily read.

Increases the efficiency of the polyclinic care unit

Thanks to the analysis and statistics on the indicators specific to the emergency room, the management of the medical institution can proactively act for eliminating downtimes and for increasing the efficiency of the operations.


  • Records the patients into an unique database at hospital level, according to the applicable law: recording date and time, identity card data, the section where it was registered, the responsible doctor, the condition, the referring doctor, the disease history, allergies, etc.
  • Records the medical tests requested by patients, and their results.
  • Records the examinations for each patient and the resulted diagnostic, the medication or the performed medical procedures.
  • Records the referrals for the examinations and the medical procedures performed on the patients.
  • Prints the patient examination sheet and saves it to his/her electronic file, which is unique at hospital level.
  • Saves the details regarding the admission type: the section where the patient will be admitted, diet, etc.
  • Automatically sends the results of the medical tests from the medical analyzers, and these can be filled in by the operators.
  • Enables the running on a single computer, on a computer network in a single location or on computer networks from different locations, interconnected and using a single data source at hospital level.

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