The management of the drug inventory available in the medical unit, but also the picking up of the requisition for each section and releasing the drugs according to this requisition can raise problems without a proper information system. The Pharmacy software solves all these problems and also enables the traceability of all the documents involved in this activity.

Financial and operational benefits

Increases the efficiency and facilitates the drug supplying operations
The solution completely automates the drug supplying based on the identification of stocks and drug requisition, thus reducing the time spent for the inventory management and attracting the reduction of the resources needed to run this process.

Eliminates human errors
All transactions are automatically recorded into an integrated information system, preventing human errors in the wrong planning of drug replenishment or wrong assignment by section.

Reduces the operational costs
Thanks to the electronic records, the volume of spent paper is significantly reduced, thus minimizing the time spent to fill in and transmit the information about the consumption and drug requisition. Furthermore, the illegible writing on documents is not a problem anymore, this contributing once more to the elimination of human errors.

Increases the reaction speed to drug supplying
Thanks to the daily, automatic update of the inventory, all the information are available centralized, at the level of the entire medical unit, enabling proactive drug replenishment decisions, thus eliminating the risky situations for the patients when the medical unit does not have available the drug requisition.

Minimizes drug loss
By operating the outputs transactions from the warehouse in the format set up by the medical unit, Pharmacy software minimizes drug loss generated by their effective end dates, optimizing the consumption and replenishment, and having an impact upon the growth of the operational efficiency.


  • Manages the drug inventory regarding the quantity and amount.
  • Records all standard transactions into the system: recording the purchasing invoices, generating the reception protocol (NIR), generating the transfer note, the cassation note, the bill of materials, drugs manufactured by the medical unit, etc.
  • Manages the drug inventory by section, clinic, emergency room or UPU, while the warehouse being replenished with the daily drug requisition, depending on the number of the existing patients in the section.
  • Assigns each drug in inventory with a series of features that enable its quick identification.
  • Manages the reserve drug stock for the emergency room or UPU, based on the prescriptions issued by the doctors and saved into the patient admission sheet or medical records.
  • Issues the drug purchasing requests.

  • Issues the bill of materials based on the drug reservations.
  • Releases from the inventory, depending on different criteria, according to the specific or the preference of each medical unit: patient, prescription sheet, prescription, etc.
  • Manages the drugs prepared within the hospital's drugstore through the micro-manufacturing sub-module.
  • Enables the use of all the operation methods for the inventory releases: FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, STD, instant CMP, global CMP.
  • Manages the reports specific to the relationship with the Insurance House, entirely complying to its requirements, and a series of standard reports, such as the quantity and value drug consumption analysis by patient/section/hospital, consumption report, inventory, balance sheet, timesheet, drug inbound, etc.
  • Allows the export of all reports specific to the relationship with the funding entities or industry authorities, as well as standard reports.
  • Issues the drugs based on the national programs, based on the quasi-opened regime (e.g. the drugs for diabetics are only issued by the County Hospital).

 Some of the customers who use the Pharmacy software

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