The significant flow of patients that the medical units have to face raises a serious problem regarding the registration, viewing and also quick search of information about patients. Patients software consistently manages the data and the patient's file, and these become available in real-time to the medical staff, regardless the physical location of the patient within the medical unit.

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces costs by eliminating paper
Eliminating paper reduces the time needed for filling in and sending the patient information to doctors, decreasing both administrative costs, as well as operational costs by eliminating downtimes. Furthermore, the illegible writing on documents is not a problem anymore as the information is saved in an electronic format into the system.

Increases patients' safety
Thanks to the tracking of potential allergies, previous medication or the history of the patients' medical problems, the system eliminates the human errors in prescribing the medication and increases the patients' safety.

Simplifies the transfer process to other medical units
Automating the admission or transfer process to other medical unit reduces the time needed for filling in the formalities and increases the chances of patients who need quick specialized interventions.

Eliminates human errors
By saving into the system all performed medical examinations or other important personal information, the medical history of patients can be easily accessed from an unique database, eliminating human errors.


  • Manages personal data of the patients in electronic format via EMR (Electronic Medical Record) features.
  • Enables the attachment of scanned documents at patient level or patient record, including images or other documents directly retrieved from the medical equipment: electrocardiograms, tomographies, radiologies, echographies, etc.
  • Eliminates the transfer of the physical files within the medical unit.
  • Enables querying the patient's record: examination history, diagnostics, drugs, provided services, medical test results, etc.
  • Ensures the management of patients' contracts: private insurances, subscriptions, National Health House, etc.

Some of the customers who use the Patients module


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