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Occupational Medicine

The occupational medicine represents a mandatory step both for the new employee and for the employer. This medical examination should be done both at the moment of employment and later on, with a certain periodicity determined according to the specific work conditions. Keeping an accurate tracking of the medical visits, medical tests and results, issuing the certificate of abilities for an employee and tracking his/her progress are covered by the Occupational Medicine module.

Financial and operational benefits

Eliminates human errors
Thanks to the records of all the information addressing the occupational medicine in a consistent, integrated information system, any human errors are eliminated in scheduling periodical examinations or in validating certain persons who do not have the necessary skills to be hired for the requested job.

Reduces the time needed to run the entire occupational medicine activity
Thanks to the features of quick recording, monitoring and reporting of specific information, the time spent with occupational medicine operations is significantly reduced, thus decreasing the operational costs.

Increases the analysis capability
Both the medical unit and the customers have the possibility to quickly assess the results of the medical examinations via centralized reports that offer the up-to-date situation of the performed medical tests results.


  • Enables generating and recording occupational medicine contracts based on the employee and his/her profession.
  • Enables importing the information from other documents.
  • Defines the professional risks, as well as the related medical investigations or examinations, according to the occupational medicine provisions.
  • Enables controls, investigation and examination tests based on the risks specific to professions and type of requested certificate (employment, periodical, etc.)
  • Plans and tracks the examinations and investigations required to issue the medical certificate.
  • Prints and tracks the issued medical certificates.
  • Generates operational and statistical reports, including reports compliant to SIUI (Unique Integrated Information System) regarding the reimbursement with the insurance houses.

Some of the customers who use the Occupational Medicine module


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