General Configuration Module - Charisma Medical Software

General Configuration

General Configuration Module enables the organization and structuring of all component units of the medical institution, regardless of the complexity or size of the medical staff. The product manages the service types offered, medical contracts, dictionaries specific to internal section activities, name and setup of patient rooms. The General Configuration Module can be integrated with any Charisma Medical Software module.

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Patients Module - Charisma Medical Software


Patients module consistently manages the sensitive data and the patient's medical file, including disease history, medication or previous treatments. These information are registered and made available in a centralized manner, in real-time, to the medical staff, thus eliminating human errors in prescribing medication and increasing patient's safety.

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Charisma Medical Software - Appointments Module


The Appointments software offers both patients and doctors an efficient schedule at the level of the entire medical unit, based on the availability of doctors, loading of the examination rooms or medical devices. The solution allows schedules on multiple locations at the same time, automatically generates waiting lists, reminds of schedules via e-mail, phone or SMS and saves the patient time by offering the possibility offline schedules.

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Medical Software - Polyclinic Care Unit

Polyclinic Care Unit

The polyclinic Care Unit software integrates the entire activity of the polyclinic, by retrieving complete information about the patients who come for medical tests, examinations, admission and other specific procedures, and integrates them both with the result of the operations performed in the polyclinic care unit, as well as with the existing data flow of the medical unit, including the examination rooms.

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Charisma Medical Software - Medical Examinations

Medical Examinations

The Medical Examinations software records the services provided during the medical examinations and the results of the medical tests performed following these examinations. The resulted diagnostic and medical prescriptions are saved into the system and they can be accessed later by the medical staff, when needed. Furthermore, the results of the medical tests can be also accessed online by patients, in case the module is integrated with other modules in Charisma Medical.

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Treatment Schema - Charisma Medical Software

Treatment Schema

The Treatment Schema software is intended to streamline the working processes and procedures within the medical unit, offering the possibility to determine a clear workflow that can be applied by all the system users. The product increases the operational efficiency by streamlining the treatment methodology for certain cases, the user being supported in making a decision based on a previously determined process.

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Family Medicine Module - Charisma Medical Software

Family Medicine

Familiy Medicine software integrates all specific activities of the primary care with other information existing in the medical unit, providing a unique, centralized and easily accessible overview of relevant information about patients. The product allows business reporting to CAS (Health Insurance House) for settlement and reporting according to standards of SIUI (Single Integrated Information System) and DSP.

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Occupational Medicine - Charisma Medical Software

Occupational Medicine

The Occupational Medicine software automates the tracking of medical visits, medical tests and results for the employees, from the time of employment and further on, based on the determined periodicity, according to the specific working conditions. The system centralizes the certificates for abilities and tracks the progress of the patient's health, being perfectly compliant to SIUI reporting regarding the reimbursement with the health insurance houses.

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Emergency Room - Charisma Medical Software

Emergency Room / Admissions

The Emergency Room module was developed at the request of medical institutions who wanted to save the time needed for the admission or transfer formalities to other medical units. The solution records the patients who come to the Emergency Room, generates patient admission sheet and records the examinations and the provided medical services, further simplifying the quick transfer to other medical units.

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Ward Module - Charisma Medical Software


The module designated to wards was especially designed to monitor the patients starting with the admission to the ward to the release from the ward. The product ensures the management of the entire admission process, discharge and examination sheets, the management of the patients by ward, room or bed, information about the cost per patient, the management of transfers between wards and to Intensive Care unit, providing transparency on all medical data recorded during the hospitalization period.

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Surgery Ward - Charisma Medical Software

Surgery Ward

Surgery Ward software is aimed at operating rooms & surgery blocks and provides users the possibility to organize processes and to collect a data series necessary for reporting.

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Laboratory Module - Charisma Medical Software


The Laboratory software automates and simplifies the key processes within medical labs, such as retrieving the requests for medical tests, transmitting them to the medical analyzers, retrieving the results from the medical analyzers, validating results and issuing the medical test record. The module stores the information in electronic format, eliminates human errors and enables quick transfer of the results to the interest entities.

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Pharmacy Module - Charisma Medical Software


The Pharmacy module was especially developed to ensure the management of drug inventory and documentation needed for replenishment at the level of any type of medical unit, regardless its size and complexity. The product ensures the management of drug requisition at section level and the planning of drugs releases based on this requisition.

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Medical Investigations - Charisma Medical Software

Medical Investigations

Medical Investigations module automates the processes specific to the radiology departments, allowing to record and save the results of electrocardiographies, radiologies, tomographies, radioscopies or ecographies and to attach them to the patient record. This information can be accessed online, facilitating the process for the medical staff, family doctor or other hospitals.

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Imaging - Charisma Medical Software


Imaging software provides the complete management of images resulted from the medical investigations, ensuring the communication with the medical devices via DICOM protocol. The product ensures the centralized retrieval and storage in an unique database, the archiving and indexing of images, and quick access to images resulted from medical examinations at the level of the entire medical unit.

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Contracts and Insurance | Charisma Medical Software

Contracts and Insurance

Contracts and subscription agreements with customers, pricing and promotional campaigns conducted by health units directly influence its operational efficiency and profitability. Contracts and Insurance module was developed specifically to enable the subscription and customer contracts, medical insurance and the relationship with the National House of Health management and the automatic recording of services provided under contracts or promotions.

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Medical Software - Billing


The Billing module covers the reimbursement process with the suppliers, customers and patients based on the provided services and their related prices, taking into consideration the already existing contracts or subscriptions. The solution perfectly integrates with any accounting and financial system, having a major impact on simplifying the revenue-generating tasks and automating the billing process at the medical unit level.

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Contract Management - Charisma Medical Software

Contract Management

The Contract Management software optimizes the relationships with the suppliers, managing all the contracts and the records of purchasing invoices, but also the loyalty policies based on discounts for the traditional suppliers. The solution meets any need regarding the management of relationships with the collaborating doctors or the medical service providers, offering medical tests and up-to-date statements for increasing the efficiency of this relationship.

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Partner Network Module - Charisma Medical Software

Partner Network

Partner Network software was especially designed to cover the needs of the medical units that provide complex services through a specialized partner network. The solution records the examinations run through partners, ensures the quality control of the services, according to the contractual provisions, and automates the reimbursement process, generating detailed reports for controlling, optimizing and simplifying the relationships with the partners.

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Reports Module - Charisma Medical Software

Reports / DRG

The Reports / DRG module is an extremely robust and flexible module that offers a centralized, transparent view of all the operations performed within the medical unit. The product generates detailed reports, statistics and analysis on the financial or non-financial performance indicators. The lack of a reporting module decreases with almost 50 % the efficiency of an information system that would strictly limit itself to recording data into the system.

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Interface with HL7 & SIUI - Charisma Medical Software

Interface with Other Systems

Working in a medical unit involves interacting with various information systems, be they internal or external, which manage vital information for the medical unit. Therefore, eliminating human errors caused by an incorrect information acquisition and storing them in a manner allowing quick access is important for any doctor.

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EMR - Electronic Medical Record | Charisma Medical Software

EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

The volume of information conveyed in a medical unit is huge and directly influenced by the patients flow and the detailed records of their medical history. Implementing a system able to ensure a significant reduction of the time needed to access patients' medical information and administration of natural archives costs, the medical unit can increase efficiency by up to 6%.

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Self Service Portal - Charisma Medical Software

Self Service Portal

The Self Service Portal Module is a web portal which can be adress by both patients and physicians for fast browsing of the steps outlined above. Through this portal, patients can schedule their visits to doctors, view the results of tests undergone and get details on diagnosis, treatment etc. Physicians can view examinations, transmit test results undergone by patients and answer any questions related to treatment and diagnosis.

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