The activity within a laboratory involves many key steps: retrieving the medical test requests, transfer them to the medical analyzers, retrieving the results from the medical analyzers, validating the results and issuing the medical test record. In a field where the human errors are not accepted, implementing an information system is crucial for tracking these steps, as well as for transferring the results to the interest entities.

Financial and operational benefits

Automates the process of medical tests
The product ensures the automation of processes specific to the medical labs, including transmitting the request for medical tests and retrieving the results from the medical devices, simplifying the activities and reducing time consuming routine work.

Reduces the operational costs
Thanks to the automation of all the operations within the lab, the module significantly reduces the time needed to perform these operations, having a direct impact upon the operational costs.

Eliminates human errors
Thanks to using a barcode system, existing from the retrieving of medical tests to the transmission of results, the system avoids any type of human error regarding the route of the medical tests within the lab.

Transparency on the entire medical activity
Thanks to the integration with the other modules in Charisma Medical suite, the module dedicated to laboratories can provide an unique transparent view of the entire medical activity through a single software application. Laboratory software allows independent installation or integrated with inventory management systems, HL7 and ERP systems.


  • Ensures the automatic retrieving and tracking of requests for medical tests entered from the Emergency Room, Examination Room and Section.
  • Allows recoding new requests for medical tests, including those in subcontracting regime, but also test scheduling.
  • Tracks the requests for medical tests from the patients.
  • Transmits the requests for medical tests to medical devices, requests that can be manually entered or automatically retrieved - the application ensures the automatic use of over 80 medical devices.
  • Allows recording the results of medical tests directly into the database with the help of the operators within the medical test departments.
  • Automatically retrieves the results transmitted by the medical devices; the transmission with medical devices is bidirectional.
  • Ensures the validation and modification of results transmitted by the medical devices.
  • Allows adding comments on the medical test results.
  • Uses the medical test profiles defined based on the contracts concluded with the insurance houses or with private companies as subscriptions.
  • Ensures retrieving the requests for medical tests, their transmission to the medical devices; the retrieving of the results from the testers is done based on the barcodes.
  • Groups the medical services according to various criteria.
  • Prints the medical analysis record whose format can be configured according to the preferences of the system users.
  • Prints the bordereau (report pool – medical test registry) with the performed medical tests.
  • Generates reports compliant with SIUI (Unique Integrated Information System) regarding the reimbursement of the medical tests by the insurance houses.
  • Generates operational and statistical reports like the list of medical tests, grouped by department, patient, doctor or other entities wanted by the institution.

Some of the customers who use the Laboratory software:


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