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Medical Investigations

The medical unit handles an important number of electrocardiographies, radiologies, tomographies, radioscopies, ecographies daily. Saving them in an unique integrated information system that can be accessed at any time by specialized medical staff, but also automatically matching these results to patients is a requirement that can be covered through Medical Investigations software. This module automates the radiology departments by allowing to automatically attach the results to the patient record.

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the operational costs
Thanks to the automatic saving into the system of the results of the radiology departments in electronic format, the routine tasks and downtimes are reduced, as well as the operational costs due to elimination of the physical files difficult to be handled or transmitted from one section to the other.

Increases the efficiency of the diagnostic process
The system provides the necessary tools for the interpretation and recording of medical results.

Reduces the time needed to access the images
The results of the radiology section – electrocardiographies, radiologies, tomographies, radioscopies, ecographies or other specific medical tests - are automatically attached to the patient record so that the medical staff can quickly access, at any time, the relevant patient information.


  • Automatically retrieves any type of medical tests - electrocardiographies, tomographies, radioscopies, ecographies - and saves them into the system.
  • Automatically attaches the results of the radiology section to the electronic observation sheet of the patient, enabling its printing and archiving.
  • Allows publishing of data received from the medical equipment on the Web, in order to be viewed by the family doctor or to be sent to other hospitals.
  • Enables viewing and adding comments over the image received from the equipment.
  • Recordes the examination details, performed procedures, spent materials.
  • Issues consumption reports, taking into consideration various criteria: patient, period, location, etc.

The customers who use the Medical Investigations software:

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