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Interface with Other Systems

Working in a medical unit involves interacting with various information systems, be they internal or external, which manage vital information for the medical unit. Therefore, eliminating human errors caused by an incorrect information acquisition and storing them in a manner allowing quick access is important for any doctor.

In addition, it is essential that all data is accessible through a single management interface. The Interface with Other Systems Module ensures the integration of Charisma Medical Software with any internal or nationwide computer by integrating the information into a single management system.

Financial and Operational Benefits

Eliminates human errors
The automatic acquisition of medical results from other systems used in the medical unit reduces the risk of human errors due to erroneous transmission of such information.

Reduces the time necessary to deliver medical services
The automatic acquisition of medical results and the ability to access data from other systems used in the medical unit allows the diagnosis and treatment determination for the shortest time possible.

Enhances the analysis ability
Provides the possibility to integrate the product with systems that are already used by the medical organization to assess the efficiency of the entire medical establishment and a strong reporting that takes account of the information available in all departments.


  • The automatic retrieval of medical results from external information systems using HL7 communication protocols. This protocol is built on several levels, allowing further extension of functionality. Also, this protocol allows communication over TCP / IP or text files.
  • Allows interfacing with other systems used in the medical unit for:
    • Articles synchronization;
    • Stocks synchronization;
    • System dictionaries synchronization;
    • People synchronization;
    • Medical outcomes synchronization;
    • Payment statement synchronization;
  • Allows interfacing with computer systems of authorities and regulatory institutions in the medical field (SIUI, National Health, Ministry of Health, etc.) at medical services, medicines,  lists level;
  • Allows interfacing with current or future national systems such as Electronic Medical Record, Electronic Medicines Prescription, National Health Card etc.

Customers who use the Interface with Other Systems Module

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