Imaging software provides the complete management of images resulted from the medical investigations, ensuring the communication with the medical devices via DICOM protocol. The product ensures the centralized retrieval and storage in an unique database, the archiving and indexing of images, and quick access to images resulted from medical examinations at the level of the entire medical unit.

Functional and operational benefits

Reduces the operational costs
Thanks to the recording into the electronic storage systems, the solution eliminates the need forradiology films required for the traditional storage process, thus significantly reducing operational costs.

Increases the efficiency of the diagnostic process
The solution instantly makes available the images resulted from medical examinations to the tools required for interpretation and recording of all images. By automatically indexing the images, the system prevents human errors that can occur due to carelessness in traditional storage.

Reduces the time needed to access the images
Using this feature for quick image storage directly into the Electronic Patient Record, the medical personnel has quick access at any time to the images resulted from medical examinations.


  • Ensures the communication with the medical devices via DICOM protocol.
  • Archives and indexes the images received from the medical devices and transmit them to the doctor for interpretation or viewing.
  • Enables the registration of the diagnostic based on the images received and processed from the medical devices.
  • Ensures quick and secure access to these images directly from the Electronic Patient Record.

Some of the customers who use the Imaging software:

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