Family Medicine

The family doctor is the first one being inquired if a medical problem arises. Most specialist medical advices are based on a referral from your General Practitioner, this raising the issue of integrating the activities of one medical room with other offices within the medical unit. Family Medicine module is dedicated to the efficient management of the specific activity of primary care and integration of patient information with other information existing in the medical unit.

Financial and operational benefits

Increases patient safety
Due to allergy, prior medication or medical history of all patients, the system eliminates human errors in the administration of drugs and increases patients’ safety;
Eliminates human errors
By recording all information managed by the General Practitioner (referral, prescription, consultation results etc.) in a centralized information system, human errors in medical units are removed. Due to electronic indexing and saving of the information, loss of electronic medical records or other specific documents previously archived in the traditionally manner is now excluded.
Reduces operational costs 
Using a computerized system eliminates paperwork, thus reducing the operational costs and time required to complete and archive patient information. In addition, illegible handwriting problems are removed.
Reduces the time needed to conduct specific family medicine activites
The system includes advanced recording, monitoring and filter features for quick search of all information needed; it automates processes by allowing the configuration of the values that will be automatically filled by the system.
Increseas the analysis capacity
Thanks to a quick access to updated statements, the solution increases the analysis capacity of the rendered family medicine services, providing transparency in medical facilities, family doctors activities, prescriptions, disease history and all relevant information about patients.


  • Manages lists of patients registered with family doctors, including transfers, patient history, referrals, patient data;
  • Records medical services provided to patients attending General Practitioner: compensated and uncompensated ones;
  • Saves medical information collected during medical consultations;
  • Records, prints and validates drug prescriptions: compensated and uncompensated;
  • Generates, manages and prints medical letters, laboratory or clinical referrals, as well as tickets for admission, taking into account the specific forms;
  • Issues and validates medical leaves certificates if the doctors have concluded agreements to this effect, and manages patients' medical leaves number of days;
  • Manages the standardized series and intervals;
  • Provides doctors appointments calendar management;
  • Allows the configuration of the visual and operational interface according to specific needs;
  • Collaborates with SIUI 2.0 allowing offline and on-line mode to import catalogs, custom file import, reporting file export and response file import.
  • Generates any operational, statistical and management reports,  required in family medicine practices, including activity reporting to CAS and reporting according to  SIUI (Single Integrated Information System) and DSP standards.

The customers who use the Family Doctors software:

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