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EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

EMR software (Electronic Medical Record) facilitates the collection of medical information about patients, providing quick and easy access to the information recorded during patient’s visits (history, physical examination, diagnosis, advice, services delivered, recommended medical leaves, drug prescription, medical services delivered during examinations) and immediate viewing of the medical results references.

Financial and Operational Benefits

Reduces costs by eliminating paper
By eliminating paper the time necessary to complete the patient information transmission to the physicians, both the administrative and operational costs are reduced and bottlenecks are eliminated. In addition, the problems regarding the illegible hand writing on documents are eliminated, the information being stored electronically by the system.

Increases patient safety
Due to a quick access to the patient’s entire medical history including any allergies or previous medication, the system eliminates human errors in treatment and increases patient safety.

Increases the efficiency of the medical unit
Significantly reducing the time required for accessing patient medical information, but also the administration costs of natural archives by replacing them with an electronic database within the medical establishment, may increase its efficiency by 6%.

Provides data accuracy
By saving all the information related to the patient’s medical history and scheduling examinations in a unique data base, the data accuracy and availability to all system users are ensured.


  • Physicians can access the work program and list of scheduled examinations within a given time and the information can be filtered by:
    • Examination date;
    • Patient name and surname;
    • Examination status;
    • Polyclinic;
    • Specialization;
    • Diagnose.
  • Data related to examinations can be edited and the following options are available:
    • Registration of data collected by history or physical examination, recording data specific to specialist examinations, diagnosis, recommendations and prescriptions;
    • Registration of analyses references, procedures undertaken during the examination and implemented prevention programs;
    • Registration of allergies and chronic diseases;
    • Patient scanned documents and contracts viewing;
    • Examination sheet and medical prescription printing.
  • Provides access to patient medical history and allows the modification or registration of new medical data such as prescriptions, analyses references, prescription requests from patients, dental charting, messages between doctors regarding the patient, the patient’s contracts;
  • Allows the visualization of the medical information recorded for the patient: diagnostic services, vaccines, prevention programs, drug prescriptions, test results, chronic illnesses, hospitalizations, history and other documents;
  • Allows the deletion or addition of services regarding the analyses;
  • Ensures the recording, viewing and tracking the satus of the observations made by doctors, other than those made during examinations, which may relate or not to the patient;
  • Provides a complete medical test results management, allowing the recording of results, collection of samples, approval or amendment results, viewing the history of results, reporting results and unapproved changes;
  • Allows the configuration of the medical profile by editing the access data and recording the most used items in the system: diagnoses, drugs and services;

Customers who use the EMR Module


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