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Contracts and Insurance

Contracts and subscription agreements with customers, pricing and promotional campaigns conducted by health units directly influence its operational efficiency and profitability. Contracts and Insurance module was developed specifically to enable the subscription and customer contracts, medical insurance and the relationship with the National House of Health management and the automatic recording of services provided under contracts or promotions.


Financial and Operational Benefits

Eliminates human errors
Due to the automatic billing calculation process which takes into account the contracts, subscriptions and promotions for the customer in the system, human errors are eliminated from the billing process.

Reduces the time necessary for client and insurer contract management
With the introduction of information into an integrated electronic system, the product allows the monitoring and rapid reporting of any specific information. Moreover,  it ensures the reduction of operational costs by eliminating paper, thus reducing also the time necessary for saving complete customer information.

Enhances the analysis ability
The medical unit management has the opportunity to assess the healthcare efficiency through detailed and updated reports on the status of the relations with insurers and clients.



  • Management of all insurance contracts concluded by the medical unit with natural or legal persons:
    • Subscription contract type;
    • Pay service contract type;
    • Occupational contract type;
    • Non-standard contracts that allow the introduction of a number of contractual clauses (e.g. a contract providing a free first medical service, the following two with a certain discount and following with full payment);
  • Provides support for setting the pricing policy regarding subscriptions and medical services;
  • Allows the data base management considering each client contract;
  • Provides the direct import of subscribers list from the Excel application;
  • Allows a configurable billing for each client, taking into account the type of contract concluded with the medical unit.

Customers who use the Contracts and Insurance Module

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