The medical billing process has a direct impact upon the organization's revenues, and is directly affected by the ability of the medical unit to correctly identify the provided services, their related prices, taking into consideration the already existing contracts or subscriptions.Medical Billing software covers the reimbursement process with the suppliers, customers and patients, based on the information in the system and thanks to the possibility of interfacing with any accounting and financial system.

Financial and operational benefits

Eliminates human errors
Thanks to the automation of the invoice calculation according to provided services and related prices predefined in the system, the module eliminates any human error in the billing process.

Increases the value of receipts
Thanks to the automatic billing, based on the contracts saved into the system, the product minimizes the risk of forgetting to generate the invoice.

Increases the analysis capability
The management of the medical unit has the possibility to assess the efficiency of the operations through detailed reports and accurate up-to-dated statements of the invoices/to be invoiced amounts vs. the collected/un-collected amounts.


  • Automatically identifies the contracts based on which the invoices should be issued for customers and suppliers.
  • Automatically generates the invoices taking into account contractual clauses and their terms.
  • Identifies the precise value to be billed, according to the services provided to the customers.
  • Generates the fiscal receipt or the invoice for the patient.
  • Enables integration with the cash-registers.
  • Ensures the printing of receipt slips.

  • Easily integrates with any other accounting and financial systems and natively integrates with Charisma ERP system.

Some of the customers who use the medical Billing software:


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