For the patient:

  • Maintaining patient loyalty through:
    • online schedules using secured Web access or a call-center,
    • the correct, on time notification about the results of the medical examinations and tests (online access, SMS, e-mail, phone),
    • promoting new services,
    • loyalty cards with point accumulation and discounts;
    • online examinations;
  • The non-stop access to the electronic records of personal and medical data, as well as the history of tests and results;
  • Effective online appointment scheduling the patient has a centralized schedule system and receives confirmations and reminders for them via e-mail, phone or SMS;

For the medical institution:

  • The control of costs and resources through an integrated flow and a complete solution that automates the exchange of information (schedules, patients' electronic records, the medical test result automatically transmitted between laboratory and patient/doctor) ensures the accuracy and stimulates the institution's profitability;
  • The processing speed by quickly capturing and querying the information through the automation of the entire route of a patient or a medical test; it covers all the stages, from scheduling the customer or recording the patient in the clinic/emergency room, the primary examination and diagnosis, invoicing, lab tests, advanced examination or surgery stage, hospitalization to the discharging of the patient or medication prescription;
  • The strict control of expenses and revenues by tracking the expenses, the revenues, as well as accounting entries of all the examinations and tests performed within the institution;
  • The efficient inventory management
    • at drugstore level, regardless its type (closed or normal), based on the received prescriptions, in CNAS regime or according to the special regime of each drug;  it ensures that the drugs leave the drugstore in the exact prescribed quantities,
    • at the level of each laboratory, by raising the efficiency of the operations and using the materials according to the profile of the medical tests,
    • at hospital or clinic level - the management of available beds, drugs, instruments used by each section; it also includes the canteen management;
  • Reduced internal costs with the paper, film, space and other physical devices by eliminating them and replacing the management of patient records with an electronic versions (EMR – Electronic Medical Record); it ensures the complete management of the electronic records for each patient of the hospital, clinic or laboratory;The complete management of the electronic records for every patient of the hospital or clinic by permanent charge, transmission and update; it provided 24/7 access for the doctors to patient data, visit history, and past and current diagnostics;
  • Time management improved by
    • the best management of schedules and elimination of downtime during a day;
    • the advanced management of the examinations and the optimization of the average time spent on an examination;
    • the management of hospital flows, management of each section and schedules for surgeries (room, team, drugs, etc.);
  • Effective personnel assignments by monitoring and increasing the value of the operations of the entire active medical staff, according to the confirmed schedules (via phone, SMS), as well as by tracking the peak times within the institution;
  • A secured, private and controlled solution by defining the access levels, the granted protection and password usage, checking the traffic by application or on the Internet;
  • Administrative and scientific advantages through:
    • the speed of execution/reporting of the medical tests at laboratory level,
    • the Web access to patient records, the automation of result transmission between the laboratory and the doctor and by sending SMSs for notifications or confirmations;
    • multiple data selection criteria for highlighting the progress of the cases;
  • Data systematization and facilitating the researches, reports and doctors' degree papers;

  • Specialized reports and real-time examinations:
    • exact tracking of admissions by sections, rooms, doctors; the drugs available, their quantities and prices;
    • the complete and complex diagram of laboratory tests for the correct management of supplies;
    • the financial calculation for each patient in record time, by splitting on types of subsidies, discounts or payments incurred by the patients;
  • Specialized management by using electronic bid for the selection of suppliers of drugs, tools, repairs, supplies, food, etc.;
  • Integration with HL7 transmission protocol for retrieving and processing the data from laboratory analyzers;
  • Electronic reporting of statistics and reimbursements with CNAS (National Health Insurance House); it includes the SIUI and DRG reports.
  • Archiving - this functionality optimizes and simplifies the storage, management and search activities related to medical documents. Also, it includes advanced features for indexing, searching based on filters and security access, according to the internal rules of the medical unit;
  • Security - is based on 7 levels of security that allows defining access rights up to window level;


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