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The medical services market is facing serious problems due to the lack of funds, overloading, low quality of the services and treatments applied. All these challenges can be overran once medical units have access to an overview of their performance and have a better control on resources, costs (split on medical unit, ward, room or bed) and services provided; thus,  routine work volume can be significantly reduced and allow a greater focus on main medical activities. 
Charisma Medical Software is a modular software solution that integrates and optimizes the processes, the flows, the operational and financial activities specific to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and medical laboratories. The solution captures and queries the information quickly by automating the entire patient flow. Thus, it covers all stages from patient appointment, clinic/emergency room admission, primary medical examination and diagnosis, billing, laboratory tests, advanced examinations, surgery stage, hospitalization up to discharge or medical prescriptions.

The complex activity within a medical unit should rely on a powerful reporting engine, a unique and easy to access database with real time information about the patients’ flow, medical tests or prescriptions. 
Charisma Medical Software is a modular solution that integrates and optimizes the processes, flows, operational and financial activities of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and medical laboratories. The solution enables electronic tenders for drug or medical equipment suppliers, repairs, consumable items or food and is integrated with the HL7 transmission protocol, which ensures automatic data retrieval and processing from laboratory analyzers or third party applications.
Charisma Medical Software manages annually over 12 million lab test requests for over 3 million patients.
Charisma Medical Software is ranked by IT Europa as one of the top 5 “Vertical Market Enterprise Solutions”.
Some of the customers who use Charisma Medical Software

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Why choose Charisma Medical Software?

Why Charisma Medical Software

The unique expertise of Charisma team, formed after an impressing number of complex implementations in countries from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the exceptional modularity and adaptability of the product make Charisma Medical Software the logical choice for optimizing the internal processes for any hospital, clinic, drugstore or laboratory, regardless its size or complexity.

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Charisma Medical Software - Benefits


Maintaining customers' loyalty by better compliance with the schedules, the online access to the electronic records of medical data or to the medical test history, the cost control and the increase of the processing speed, data systematization or the possibilities of integrated reporting in the unique information system are only a few of the powerful competitive advantages we offer to each institution within the medical and pharmaceutical field.

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Charisma Medical Software - Modules


Charisma Medical Software modules can work standalone or together, covering any activity specific to the medical field - from emergency room, schedules, patient records or polyclinic care unit to imaging, laboratory or SUI reporting. This exceptional modularity, as well as the use of the most modern software technologies and architectures enables a remarkable adaptability to the specific of each single institution.

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"... ..."
Daniela Marghidan,
Manager de Calitate Muntenia Hospital
"... We are using a stable information system, that meets all the current needs of the medical network MedLife and it represents with no doubt the most appropriate solution for the next years, when nearly everything will become digitized and we will like to have everything on the mobile phones or computers. In fact, this is the difference between Charisma and the rest of the medical software solutions in Romania and even abroad. ..."
Dorin Preda,
Member of Administration Council
"... The main issue with laboratory services was time. Issuing the patient test results was taking too long. The readiness of these services is still another challenge for the efficiency of each laboratory. Piles of results were gathering, and they had to be sent via fax. Of course, sending via regular mail was also time-consuming. Now, validated results can be quickly accessed, over the Internet ..."
Virgil Ivan,
General Manager
"... Charisma Medical Software is a versatile software that can be customized for each laboratory in part, can be configured as needed and, very importantly, has a very high speed. ..."
Andreea Alexandru,
Chief Laboratory Physician, Regina Maria, Bucharest
Charisma ERP & Medical Software at Regina Maria


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