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Liviu Dragan’s interview in ZF publication: “TotalSoft: This year, 45% of the revenues come from external markets”

Last year, TotalSoft, one of the biggest local software manufacturers registered a turnover increase by 10%, to 26 mill. Euro, meaning the earnings before interests, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA). It also registered a similar rate of increase, stated for ZF Liviu Drăgan, CEO and shareholder TotalSoft.

 “2014 was the company’s best year, not because of the spectacular growth, but because we strengthened our position on the local market, and we signed a series of significant contracts on the international markets”, declared Mr. Dragan.

The most important contract that TotalSoft signed last year was the contract with a leading financial group. This chose the Romanian company’s software solution to administer its business in over 20 countries. “The agreement was obtained after an international bid. We will implement our solution, which includes modules such as accountancy or back-office to manage the credit or leasing agreements or CRM (the customer management solution)”, stated Mr. Dragan.

Charisma is the software solution created by TotalSoft to administer the enterprise resources (ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning) and includes modules such as accountancy, sales or cash-flow. Practically, the financial company will use the Romanian platform to manage its business in over 20 countries. Dragan emphasized that this contract is a performance, given the fact that generally, the international companies and especially those in the financial sector are very sensitive to the stability and predictability of the providers they are working with, in the context of a strict monitoring by the regulatory authorities. This agreement will represent a “certificate” for TotalSoft, helping the company to gain contracts much easier on the foreign market, appreciates Liviu Dragan. Last year, over one third of the software company’s revenues were generated by external clients, said Mr. Dragan. “We aim that the external business share in turnover should increase to 45% from 35% last year”.

With respect to the internal market, Liviu Dragan declared that the company extended the projects with the health services providers such as MedLife or Regina Maria. According to Dragan, the company’s HR and Payroll segment has a better position in the market than the ERP segment. He mentioned that among the clients that chose these solutions, there are companies such as BRD-Societe Generale or Rompetrol. ”We took advantage of the fact that some of our competitors having only HR solutions in their portfolio were harmed”.

Adapting the mobile devices is more important than cloud

This year, one of the company’s priority is to offer solutions adapted to the mobile devices that the customers use increasingly more (tablets and smartphones). “We intend to switch to tablets and smartphones. In my opinion the mobile devices are “hotter” than cloud”, appreciates Liviu Dragan. “This evolution urges us to modify the products so as to be user-friendly on the tablets and telephones and to have a “graphics” similar to programs for terminal devices.

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