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The leaders of the services sector use Charisma Business Suite
Find out how Charisma Business Suite supported the success of the most powerful services companies in Romania.

"The bonus Charisma brought was the planning system, because, in my opinion, an ERP mainly aims to run a business, not to track it", Daniel Mateescu, COO TotalSoft


"The database is unique and therefore accessible from anywhere, but we set the application configurations at the headquarters, and the colleagues from all over the country cannot change them. This is a real advantage, because we are not dealing with inconsistencies anymore so we can perform analysis and generate different reports, at any time“, Iulia Hurdubeţiu, HR Manager


The services sector is dominated by the increased demands of the customers, doubled by a change in the acquisition behavior because of the economical context, which means that projects are more and more complex. Managing these projects requires robust information systems, with fast information and unique database processing capabilities, to ensure an easy tracking of industry specific performance indicators.

Charisma addresses all these challenges with advanced technical solutions, specially designed to meet the needs of each organization, regardless of its size, which operates in the services area. Therefore, most hotel chains, main mobile telephony providers or other important companies in the services sector use various solutions developed under Charisma brand.

If you work in the services sector, please try out the complete set of business tools that we provide. With the help of Charisma solutions, you can significantly reduce operational costs, while increasing business stability, the transparency of the decisional process and the company's financial performance.


Solutions dedicated to the services sector

Office Automation
Charisma Office Automation is a product dedicated to service providers, which simplifies project tracking, increases the efficiency of the resources involved in their execution and maximizes the revenues related to the signed contracts. The solution streamlines and automates the invoicing and collection cycle based on registered hours, manages the interest documents and provides support for the management decisions based on metrics and performance indicators.


CRM solution
Developed on the MS Dynamics CRM platform, TotalSoft offers you an innovative, affordable solution for the management of the relationships with customers, which provides quick installation, without business interruption. The user friendly interface, the flexibility and ease of customization required for meeting the services sector specific needs make TotalSoft solution one of the most attractive CRM solutions on the Romanian market.

In addition, our consultants can help you "listen better to customers' needs, understand these needs and proactively respond to them by developing and enhancing processes and practices among all the employees who interact with the customers. By increasing the agility in a more and more competitive market, you can respond easier to customers' needs, encompassing your services with a professional attitude.

With the help of this solution, your institution will radically improve its efficiency. Monitoring the employees' activity, assessing the efficiency of investments, adopting and developing internal, client-oriented processes and practices, understanding costumer' needs and using a single voice in your relationship with them – will help your institution to become a modern, agile, customer-oriented organization.

We offer you the support you need for empowering your employees with a modern, robust and innovative business tool, and to develop your institution in a healthy way.


Mobile sales force automation
Charisma Mobile SFA includes a full set of tools for the automation, simplification and management of all information needed for the sales process. This set of tools provides transparency for the sales teams activity, their load or activity bottlenecks. It also helps you in generating realistic sales estimations, based on your own sales cycle and the account step in the sales pipeline.

Most important, in case the sales teams are equipped with mobile devices, the sales process can be tracked in real-time by the management, and the field agents can access the critical information available in the database at any time. Thus, you can maximize the use of sales resources and increase the operational activity efficiency, with a positive impact upon the organization profit.


Document management solution
Charisma Document Management is an integrated solution based on the latest MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 technology. This technology enables local access to documents, offline access to  document libraries, support for different content types, the possibility to adapt new development policies, as well as an increased capability to integrate the workflow and the possibility to view as a tree structure.

By implementing the document management solution, you have the possibility to create public or private areas, grant access rights based on various hierarchy levels, implement your company specific document workflows, centralize document history and their traceability, or you have the possibility to build great graphical representations, tailored to image specific and strategy you want.


ERP solution
Charisma ERP integrates institution resource management by automating accounting processes, the depreciation of fixed assets on multiple reference systems, by tracking budgets by recording sale and acquisition invoices entered by companies operating in public or private sector, regardless of their size or complexity. The solution provides parallel management of institution sites (central and local) and allows simultaneous tracking of multiple accounting systems.

Charisma ERP is a powerful and complex tool for monitoring the existing and future cash flows within a services company, as a whole or by subunits.


Human resource management
Charisma HCM is an integrated software solution package, dedicated to human resource management, personnel cost management and human capital development investments. The solution provides the management of the employees and their positions in the hierarchy, the parameterization and implementation of payroll calculation, salary types, benefits, sick leaves, holidays, withholdings, as well as generation of payroll budgets, submission of files to the Working Inspectorates and statements to the State budget, performance assessments, competence tracking and development, trainings management and many more.

Charisma HCM is one of the most advanced software solution for human resource management in Romania, including over 10 years of experience in various market verticals. Charisma HCM solution supports over 10% of the active workforce in Romania.


Debt collection solution
Charisma Collection brings the advantage of a complete, standalone software product, which can perfectly work integrated with all the other solutions dedicated to services sector, developed by TotalSoft. Charisma Collection manages the collection of debts from different customers, legal files resolution processes and repossession, as well as any remarketing activity - reselling, renting, refinancing.


Business intelligence solution
The Business intelligence solution dedicated to services sector supports the decisional process, by providing information and statistics comparisons based on specific financial indicators of a service companies. The solution maximizes the profit of institutions of any size, with the aid of a complete set of analysis tools (scorecard, analytic grid, analytic chart, reports and configurable dashboards).


Self-service solutions
The role of self-service solutions is to increase the transparency and loyalty of all the partners of an institution – customers, suppliers, distributors, employees. The self-service solution designed by TotalSoft especially for the services sector significantly reduces costs and operational load, both for the institution and for its business partners, with the help of a Web platform providing back-office information (invoice statements, payments, returns) and with the aid of the online payment capabilities, e-mail or SMS notifications, or quick printing of interest documents.


Cost control solution
Charisma Cost Control decreases the financial risk by controlling the expense budgets and by tracking approval workflows for expenses according to the determined budgets. The solution monitors the acquisition processes (RFP, RFQ, offer bids), increases the efficiency of the offering and ordering process and improves the capitalization capabilities of the services companies' opportunities.  Moreover, Charisma Cost Control provides the management of the provider invoices' approval, as well as the history of the contractual relationships with business partners.


Online commerce solution - eShop
e-Shop is a Web portal providing advanced electronic commerce functionalities. Through this portal, the customers can post different order types, and the administrator can add new products and services. The solution includes the possibility of selling products and services based on loyalty points, provides advanced search functions, display filters, stock availability alarms, displaying the most bought products or the products viewed by the buyer, all being displayed on a professional design, adapted to each distributor' needs.


Charisma Intranet is an advanced technical solution, based on MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 technology, which provides a collaborative environment for the employees. The solution allows the exchange of professional or personal information by means of forums and blogs, significantly contributing to the development of a healthy, professional internal culture, where the critical information is only a few clicks away.


Contract management solution
Charisma Portfolio Management is a complete product, dedicated to companies of any size, especially designed for managing own works/projects/contracts. Portfolio Management perfectly manages all the entities and activities within the company, from tendering, negotiation, signing, tracking, execution, changing to completion. Being perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP, the module brings the benefit of eliminating the risks, increasing profitability and efficiency of the contracting process of customers, suppliers or business partners. 

Project management solution
TotalSoft, as Oracle Partner for Primavera, has now a market share of 90% within Project Management application field. Primavera is the world leader in project and portfolio management solutions, with more than 26 years of experience on the international market. At the moment, Primavera solution is implemented in more than 76,000 companies in more than 80 countries, with more than 500,000 users. The value of the projects ran with Primavera so far exceeds USD 6 trillion. 



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"... By implementing Charisma HR, we have significantly reduced costs. Since the leave approval flow is done on line, we don’t make time sheets on paper anymore. We have replaced the reports in Excel with automatic exports that are built according to our needs. Moreover, we have eliminated the significant cost incurred by outsourced payroll ..."
Andreea Mihnea,
HR Manager PayPoint
"... By implementing Charisma HR, we have significantly reduced costs. Since the leave approval flow is done on line, we don’t make time sheets on paper anymore. We have replaced the reports in Excel with automatic exports that are built according to our needs. Moreover, we have eliminated the significant cost incurred by outsourced payroll ..."
Andreea Mihnea,
HR Manager PayPoint
"... Cosmote Romania started working with Charisma Enterprise system in 2006. TotalSoft system has been chosen because it was offering a very short implementation time, as well as a great price-performance ratio. Thanks to this partnership, TotalSoft has won a great experience in the telecom area, and Cosmote Romania has optimized its business processes using an ERP system ..."
Sergiu Dumitraşcu,
Business Application Manager
"... Thanks to Charisma, we can now move much faster, while being confident on the information we provide. From the moment of recording the employment contract into the system, we have all the data, including the ones related to uniforms, without having to send the papers from place to place. ..."
Roxana Prisăcariu,
Human Resources Specialist
Radisson Sas


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