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The leaders of the healthcare sector use Charisma Business Suite
Find out how we supported the success of the most powerful hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in Romania and abroad.

"The company has now access to an overview on the entire performed activity, which enables them a better control on resources. Processes are accelerated by quickly capturing and querying information through the automation of a patient's or medical test's complete route.", Dr. Emad Mohd. M. Bahloul , Company Doctor Qatar Transport Company


"Our collaboration with TotalSoft regarding the development and maintenance of IT solutions required to support medical services was very productive in the last year and we decided to outsource our entire medical systems development project to this company. We strongly recommend TotalSoft for its professional capabilities in the clinical administration and medical service systems domain.", Anthony Cameron, IT Manager,  Medicover Poland .


The complex activity within a medical unit should rely on a powerful reporting engine and a single, easily accessible and real time updated information source, regarding patients' flow within the medical unit, performed examinations and medical tests or prescribed medication. Besides the care for the patients' health, medical institutions need a strict inventory management, the reduction of operational costs by quickly recording and accessing the information from a single information system or the automation of the specific internal processes. It is only an integrated information system which can contribute to creating a modern, efficient and productive medical environment that is strongly oriented towards patients' satisfaction.

Charisma Medical Software is a modular software solution that integrates and optimizes processes, flows, operational and financial activities specific to hospitals, clinics, drugstores and medical laboratories. The product offers the possibility of electronic bids for selecting the suppliers of drugs, instruments, repairs, consumable items or food, while being integrated with the HL7 transmission protocol for retrieving and processing data from laboratory analyzers. Charisma suite includes medical solutions based on the latest technologies, which allowed the execution of some impressive projects in institutions such as Medicover, Synevo, Mowasalat Qatar, Euroclinic or Bucharest Oncology Institute.

In order to provide end-to-end solutions to its customers, Charisma endows its products with a wide range of IT services: consulting, project management, customized software development, system integration, operational support and trainings.


Solutions dedicated to the medical-pharmaceutical sector

Medical unit activity management
Charisma Medical Software flexibly integrates, improves, increases the efficiency and flexibly controls the processes and the operational and financial workflows of a hospital, clinic or laboratory. Built on a modern technological platform, Charisma Medical Software covers the entire medical workflow.


Emergency Room / UPU
The studies show that more than 50% of the admissions in hospitals have to pass through the emergency room. Most of the cases brought here have to be immediately undertaken by medical staff because they require quick interventions. An information system can significantly reduce the time needed for the procedures of admission and transfer to other medical units, generating files of the patients in the emergency room and recording the provided examinations and medical services.


Polyclinic Unit
The polyclinic unit is no exception, requiring complete information on the patients that need examinations from specialists, as well as the possibility to record all the operations carried out within this office: medical tests, examinations, admission, etc. The polyclinic unit module integrates the entire activity of the polyclinic with the data flow existing in the medical unit, including examination offices.


Electronic Patient Record (EMR)
The significant patient flow recorded in any medical unit has generated the need of having at hand, at any time and within any department all the critical information regarding the diseases, the allergies and medication of the patients, as well as data regarding the previous examinations, medical test results, etc. All these requirements are covered by Electronic Patient Record (EMR) module.


The activity within a laboratory involves many key steps: retrieving the medical test requests, passing them to the laboratory analyzers, retrieving the  results from laboratory analyzers, validating the results and issuing the medical test record. In a field where the human errors are not accepted, implementing an information system is crucial for tracking these steps, as well as for transferring the results to the interest entities.


Solution dedicated to drug importers and distributors
The economic crisis has determined the adjusting of market strategies for drug manufacturers, importers and distributors, who have to take into account the optimization of the distribution processes and also other business processes in order to minimize the expenses and increase the profit. Charisma has developed Charisma BC solution, dedicated to cover the needs of drug importers and distributors.


Solution designed for drug store
The fierce competition shapes all the business fields in the current economy. The pharmaceutical sector is no exception and, to keep up with the quick rate of market growth, the pharmacists have to find new ways to increase the number of issued prescriptions, but also to ensure quality customer services. In addition, the pharmacies often need to reduce prices, to frequently change the list of compensated drugs, to successively reduce the payment terms and to increase the receiving terms for the counter value of prescriptions from the health insurance house. Charisma BC Pharm covers all these needs. 


ERP solution
Charisma ERP integrates institution resource management by automating accounting processes, the depreciation of fixed assets on multiple reference systems, by tracking budgets by recording sale and acquisition invoices entered by companies operating in public or private sector, regardless of their size or complexity. The solution provides parallel management of institution sites (central and local) and allows simultaneous tracking of multiple accounting systems.

Charisma ERP is a powerful and complex tool for monitoring the existing and future cash flows within a medical institution, as a whole or by subunits.


CRM solution 
Developed on the MS Dynamics CRM platform, TotalSoft offers you an innovative, affordable solution for the management of the relationships with customers, which provides quick installation, without business interruption. The user friendly interface, the flexibility and ease of customization required for meeting the medical-pharmaceutical sector specific needs make TotalSoft solution one of the most attractive CRM solutions on the Romanian market.

In addition, our consultants can help you "listen better to customers' needs, understand these needs and proactively respond to them by developing and enhancing processes and practices among all the employees who interact with the customers. By increasing the agility in a more and more competitive market, you can respond easier to customers' needs, encompassing your services with a professional attitude.

With the help of this solution, your institution will radically improve its efficiency. Monitoring the employees' activity, assessing the efficiency of investments, adopting and developing internal, client-oriented processes and practices, understanding costumer' needs and using a single voice in your relationship with them – will help your institution to become a modern, agile, customer-oriented organization.

We offer you the support you need for empowering your employees with a modern, robust and innovative business tool, and to develop your institution in a healthy way.


Document management solution
Charisma Document Management is an integrated solution based on the latest MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 technology. This technology enables local access to documents, offline access to  document libraries, support for different content types, the possibility to adapt new development policies, as well as an increased capability to integrate the workflow and the possibility to view as a tree structure.

By implementing the document management solution, you have the possibility to create public or private areas, grant access rights based on various hierarchy levels, implement your company specific document workflows, centralize document history and their traceability, or you have the possibility to build great graphical representations, tailored to image specific and strategy you want.


Human resource management
Charisma HCM is an integrated software solution package, dedicated to human resource management, personnel cost management and human capital development investments. The solution provides the management of the employees and their positions in the hierarchy, the parameterization and implementation of payroll calculation, salary types, benefits, sick leaves, holidays, withholdings, as well as generation of payroll budgets, submission of files to the Working Inspectorates and statements to the State budget, performance assessments, competence tracking and development, trainings management and many more.

Charisma HCM is one of the most advanced software solution for human resource management in Romania, including over 10 years of experience in various market verticals. Charisma HCM solution supports over 10% of the active workforce in Romania.


Debt collection solution
Charisma Collection brings the advantage of a complete, standalone software product, which can perfectly work integrated with all the other solutions dedicated to medical-pharmaceutical sector, developed by TotalSoft. Charisma Collection manages the collection of debts from different customers, legal files resolution processes and repossession, as well as any remarketing activity - reselling, renting, refinancing.


Business intelligence solution
The Business intelligence solution dedicated to the hospitals, clinics, laboratories or pharmacies, supports the decisional process, by providing information and statistics comparisons based on specific financial indicators of a medical company, regardless of its complexity. The solution maximizes the profit of institutions of any size, with the aid of a complete set of analysis tools (scorecard, analytic grid, analytic chart, reports and configurable dashboards).


Self-service solutions
The role of self-service solutions is to increase the transparency and loyalty of all the partners of an institution – customers, suppliers, distributors, employees. The self-service solution designed by TotalSoft especially for the medical-pharmaceutical sector significantly reduces costs and operational load, both for the institution and for its business partners, with the help of a Web platform providing back-office information (invoice statements, payments, returns) and with the aid of the online payment capabilities, e-mail or SMS notifications, or quick printing of interest documents.


Cost control solution
Charisma Cost Control decreases the financial risk by controlling the expense budgets and by tracking approval workflows for expenses according to the determined budgets. The solution monitors the acquisition processes (RFP, RFQ, offer bids), increases the efficiency of the offering and ordering process and improves the capitalization capabilities of the medical-pharmaceutical companies' opportunities.  Moreover, Charisma Cost Control provides the management of the provider invoices' approval, as well as the history of the contractual relationships with business partners.


Charisma Intranet is an advanced technical solution, based on MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 technology, which provides a collaborative environment for the employees. The solution allows the exchange of professional or personal information by means of forums and blogs, significantly contributing to the development of a healthy, professional internal culture, where the critical information is only a few clicks away.


Contract management solution
Charisma Portfolio Management is a complete product, dedicated to companies of any size, especially designed for managing own works/projects/contracts. Portfolio Management perfectly manages all the entities and activities within the company, from tendering, negotiation, signing, tracking, execution, changing to completion. Being perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP, the module brings the benefit of eliminating the risks, increasing profitability and efficiency of the contracting process of customers, suppliers or business partners. 

Project management solution
TotalSoft, as Oracle Partner for Primavera, has now a market share of 90% within Project Management application field. Primavera is the world leader in project and portfolio management solutions, with more than 26 years of experience on the international market. At the moment, Primavera solution is implemented in more than 76,000 companies in more than 80 countries, with more than 500,000 users. The value of the projects ran with Primavera so far exceeds USD 6 trillion. 



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"... ..."
Diana Dragomir,
HR Director, Fildas Trading
"... We are opening new pharmacies each week and the number of employees is continuously increasing. Our HR department is due to constantly manage its activities efficiently and in less time. Charisma plays a crucial role in this respect ..."
Maria Com┼ča,
HR Manager
Dona Pharmacies
"... We are using a stable information system, that meets all the current needs of the medical network MedLife and it represents with no doubt the most appropriate solution for the next years, when nearly everything will become digitized and we will like to have everything on the mobile phones or computers. In fact, this is the difference between Charisma and the rest of the medical software solutions in Romania and even abroad. ..."
Dorin Preda,
Member of Administration Council
"... The company has now access to an overview on the entire performed activity, which enables them a better control on resources. Processes are accelerated by quickly capturing and querying information through the automation of a patient's or medical test's complete route. ..."
Dr. Emad Mohd. M. Bahloul ,
Company Doctor Qatar Transport Company
Charisma Medical Software successfully implemented at Mowasalat Clinic


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