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"The scalability and flexibility of the Charisma ERP solution to be adapted to the specific requirements of local markets and also the result of the implementation in Romania (2008) determined for the same software platform to be adopted also by the subsidiaries from Bulgaria (2009) and Austria (2010). The complex experience acquired after 3 years of close cooperation, confirmed by 3 implementations successfully completed, makes us look with confidence the evolution of the partnership concluded with TotalSoft.”, Georg Hansjürgens, Area Manager SEE Deutsche Leasing


„The relationship between Raiffeisen Broker and TotalSoft is a long term one. Had it been all perfect? No. We still have to improve some aspects of our collaboration? Yes. But it's these aspects that make us believe in the future of our relationship and build together solutions in line with the latest IT trends, that meet our business requirements in a continuosly evolving insurance market .

We have started with our first project in 2006 - the implementation of Charisma ERP, the solution chosen for managing our insurance brokerage activity. Recently we have launched our own online e-commerce platform for MTPL insurances, that makes us very proud, especially since we have all invested a lot of our efforts  towards its realisation. I cannot think at a clearer measure of proffesionalism and flexibility concerning TotalSoft as the fact that after 8 years we continue to work at new projects together. “, Iulia Osman, CEO, Raiffeisen Broker de Asigurare-Reasigurare.

Charisma Leasing Management is one of the most popular leasing solutions at European level, ranked by KPMG in the worldwide Top 10 most powerful leasing software solutions.

The solution is designed to meet the needs of multi-country leasing businesses, based on best practices in the industry, and it was adopted by leasing companies in countries as Austria, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and even all the way to USA, Canada, Brazil, Senegal and China.

With a growing portfolio of international clients, TotalSoft already works with important multinational leasing organizations, such as Raiffeisen Leasing and Deutsche Leasing, which have selected and work with Charisma Leasing Management in several countries.

Charisma supports the administration of your customer portfolios in the retail and corporate segment and entirely cover all Leasing products in the  Financial and Operational Leasing and loans.


Solutions dedicated to the leasing sector 

Charisma Leasing Management is the fully integrated solution for your complex business model, yet scalable and modular, adapting to different implementation cases and capable to sustain your future growth and activities’ expansion.

ERP solution

Charisma ERP integrates institution resource management by automating accounting processes, the depreciation of fixed assets on multiple reference systems, by tracking budgets by recording sale and acquisition invoices entered by companies operating in the public or private sector, regardless of their size or complexity. The solution provides parallel management of institution sites (central and local) and allows simultaneous tracking of multiple accounting systems.

Charisma ERP is a powerful and complex tool for monitoring the existing and future cash flows within a financial institution, as a whole or by subunits.


Financial Leasing Software

Financial Leasing software module is a product specially designed to increase the efficiency of the contract management and the financial leasing operations tracking. The solution covers the entire internal flow of the company, from preparing the contracts with potential customers to concluding the signed contract, being compliant with any law or financing package, any reporting type of customer debts or IFRS regulations, any language or business flow.


Operational Leasing Software

As compared to the financial leasing, the operational leasing means using the financed asset for a limited period of time, without taking the risks and the benefits related to the owner for solving specific tasks. Operational Leasing module is perfectly integrated with the modules of Charisma ERP business suite for a complete and efficient management of fixed assets and fleet management.


Financial Wholesale

Financial Wholesale module efficiently monitors and manages the wholesale contracts signed with the dealers or entered between two third parties with the purpose of selling goods in big quantities under the terms of profitable financing offered by the company. The solution enables calculating the interests and taxes related to the contracts and keeps the history of all changes during the lifecycle of the wholesale contracts. 



Refinancing module is a software solution designed for optimizing and facilitating the operations with the financing contracts for internal operations or leasing contracts, thus enhancing the management of loans from shareholders or bank credits. The system consistently manages all the financing and refinancing lines, providing a consistent, transparent view for the company's management.



Credits software ensures the complete management of the credit activity both directly to individuals and companies for equipment financings or business development in various areas.



Factoring software brings the benefit integrating the management of the financing factoring contracts, while improving the customer portfolio and increasing the company's profitability. The solution flexibly manages credit lines, valid financial products, risk categories for customer scoring, but also mechanisms for calculating interests or discounts.



Insurance software is an end-to-end robust software product that optimizes the management of patrimony, financial, civil liability or personal risks. The solution provides an integrated set of tools intended to track the insurance contracts and policies of any kind (assets, financial risks, Casco, etc.) signed between the company or the beneficiary of the asset and any insurance company (Insurer).


Web Leasing

The Web Leasing Module moitors and administrates the processes involved in the the web leasing activity deployment. This module includes three level: front office, buffer and back office.The front office application allows the visualization of the leasing offer and the possibility to send a credit request for a certain financial offer. The decisional engine is also available within the front office application, thus allowing a rapid validation of the financing request.



Charisma Collection is a powerful software solution, especially designed for solving any management activity of debit collection, as well as for the repossession and remarketing process. This platform will lead to the increase of the debt collection process efficiency, the increase of cash and the decrease of costs with managing customers' receivables.


Fleet Management

Fleet Management software increases the efficiency of the vehicle park management, significantly reducing the operational costs and ensuring their good operation.  The solution automates the calculation of driver costs and work routes, optimizing the vehicle park and significantly contributing to the increase of the company's profitability.


Solutions for reporting to CRB and National Bank

The two solutions provides the accuracy and correctness of the data submitted to the credit-risk bureau and to the National Bank of Romania. The solutions cover the periodical reporting of the customer statement and active contracts in the portfolio.


Self Service

Charisma SelfService is a fast and efficient communication platform between the organization and the business partners, customers or providers, that reduces the operational costs of the customer service departments, increases satisfaction and loyalty of the company's customers, increases the efficiency of marketing efforts and creates new revenue channels. Over 200,000 partners of financial services, distribution or telecommunication companies in Romania benefit from Charisma SelfService platform.


Document Management

Document management module is developed based on the latest technologies from Microsoft, providing easy to use and automation for the management activity of any type of content, regardless the format. The product perfectly integrates with online or offline ERP or PSA solutions, providing exceptional flexibility and configurability in order to meet any specific needs.



Alerter software notifies the events or actions that need to be performed in a given time interval. The alerts are perfectly configurable, and can be created and read only by users with certain rights, according to the internal organization policy. Integrated with Charisma HCM suite, the module retrieves any type of system information, keeping the responsible persons alerted on the company's major events.


Cost Control

Charisma Cost Control is a product especially designed to help companies control the management flow of operational costs and contracts with the suppliers. The product optimizes the purchasing flows, from structuring the budget, managing the expense requests, managing and developing the relationships with suppliers to tracking the contracts and their completion under the best terms. Charisma Cost Control has adapted over time to meet the specific needs of companies in various business fields, regardless their size or complexity.


Human resource management

Charisma HCM is an integrated software solution package, dedicated to human resource management, personnel cost management and human capital development investments. The solution provides the management of the employees and their positions in the hierarchy, the parameterization and implementation of payroll calculation, salary types, benefits, sick leaves, holidays, withholdings, as well as generation of payroll budgets, submission of files to the Working Inspectorates and statements to the State budget, performance assessments, competence tracking and development, trainings management and many more.



Developed on the MS Dynamics CRM platform, TotalSoft offers you an innovative, affordable solution for the management of the relationships with customers, which provides quick installation, without business interruption. The user friendly interface, the flexibility and ease of customization required for meeting the financial banking sector specific needs make TotalSoft solution one of the most attractive CRM solutions on the Romanian market.



Charisma Workflows software enables organizations of any size to quickly build complex processes whether by accessing a Web browser interface or directly in the client system of the back-office user. At the same time, the solution enables defining and automating the business processes, reviewing the task flows and automating the tasks related to Charisma ERP 2011 modules.


Analyzer (BI)

Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software, the BI software solutions market leader through an efficient implementation and reduced time to adapt to customer requirements, brings major functional advantages, ensuring the highest standard of visualization and data analysis in the industry, but also by transforming the system into a simple and easy to use one, designed for users that are less familiar with BI software.


Contract management solution
Charisma Portfolio Management is a complete product, dedicated to companies of any size, especially designed for managing own works/projects/contracts. Portfolio Management perfectly manages all the entities and activities within the company, from tendering, negotiation, signing, tracking, execution, changing to completion. Being perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP, the module brings the benefit of eliminating the risks, increasing profitability and efficiency of the contracting process of customers, suppliers or business partners. 

Project management solution
TotalSoft, as Oracle Partner for Primavera, has now a market share of 90% within Project Management application field. Primavera is the world leader in project and portfolio management solutions, with more than 26 years of experience on the international market. At the moment, Primavera solution is implemented in more than 76,000 companies in more than 80 countries, with more than 500,000 users. The value of the projects ran with Primavera so far exceeds USD 6 trillion. 


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"... I am particularly proud on the speed and the quality of the achieved Charisma implementation. All of us knew as from the beginning that the challenge would be huge as we worked in a very tight time frame due to regulatory constraints. Excellent spirit and exemplary solidarity between TotalSoft’s implementation team, BGL BNP Paribas’ IT specialists and the key users of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions allowed us to realize the target within the fixed plan. ..."
Robert Christophory,
General Manager
BNP Paribas Leasing Group Luxembourg
"... Using Charisma, we managed to significantly reduce the analysis and approval time of the files without increasing the number of employees. The system alerts us regarding the invoices uncollected during the time interval specified in the contract, and the due date for the payment of the vehicle taxes, so that we can be informed about the status of every contract in every moment. ..."
Bogdan Ionescu,
Legal adviser
Romexterra Leasing
"... TotalSoft understood both our business needs, as well as internal processes, leading thus to a reduced implementation time. The integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Charisma ERP was flexible enough to cover all requirements defined by us. ..."
Ştefan Pată,
Responsabil Direcţia Risc
RCI Leasing
"... We worked very well with TotalSoft and Charisma operates in optimal parameters, though we continue to grow. In my opinion, Charisma is one of the best products on the profile market. ..."
Radu Burghelea,
IT Manager
Ralfi (Garanti Consumer Credits)


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