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In 20 years of presence on the Romanian market, Charisma business solutions were implemented by some of the largest organizations, national or multinational, making possible for the products to develop and adapt to law, economic, technological or cultural changes. Charisma successfully meets the specific needs of each sector of activity, exceeding the 80% market share in sectors such as leasing, distribution or retail and clearly dominating the services or construction sector.

We can say that we grew along with the Romanian economy. We helped develop the Romanian economy. Furthermore, totalizing the business ran with the help of Charisma ERP, we sustain over 10% of the Romanian GDP.

Software for Agriculture | Charisma ERP


Identifying the needs specific to agricultural and animal breeding sector, we launched Charisma Solutions for Agriculture, an integrated software package that helps organizations to cut costs and eliminate the redundant time, and thus they will be ready to defy the global competition.

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Banking and financial services software - Charisma

Financial Banking

Financial services software that supports the key processes of the financial banking system with a suite of integrated software solutions, permanently adapted and improved in the 10 years of presence in this sector. The expertise that represents the foundation of our financial banking solutions were gained following the collaboration with over 60 companies - banks, insurance, leasing or brokerage companies. In the leasing software solutions market, Charisma dominates with a market share of 80%.

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  “From the very beginning, it was obvious to us that we absolutely needed a software solution. For this, we chose a company to withstand the market challenges and to offer the required services on a long term. It happens in 2003, today we still working with TotalSoft and his solutions for credit field.”Traian Baicu, General Manager TBI Credit.    [read more]   “Charisma was able to adapt to ...

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Leasing software solutions - Charisma


Charisma Leasing Management is an unparalleled market leading solution, which leverages TotalSoft’s more than 10-years experience in providing integrated software solutions that support key processes in the finance and banking sector.

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ERP Software Solutions for Services - Charisma


The services sector is characterized by the increase of clients expectations regarding the quality of services and by a change in the purchasing behavior. These elements combined can be translated in the increase of projects complexity. Charisma addresses all these challenges by advanced, robust and specially designed solutions that can meet the needs of any organization, regardless its size, that activates in the field of business services.

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ERP Software Solutions for Distribution - Charisma


Under the pressure of small profit margins, tracking stocks, supplying and deliveries in due time and stock turnover become the essential elements in the distribution sector. The optimization of operational costs is impossible without a software solution adapted to the specific needs of distribution companies. In over 15 years of activity, TotalSoft developed a full package of software solutions, perfectly integrated, designed to support critical processes of distribution companies.

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ERP Software Solutions for Retail - Charisma


As part of the leader positioning strategy in providing software solutions dedicated to retailers, Charisma developed solutions specific for the critical processes of any retailer. With over 80% market share for this segment, tens of retail chains, national and multinational, have implemented Charisma in order to optimize operational costs, to improve the relations with clients and to transform their businesses based on modern, western business models.

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Medical and Pharmacy Software | Charisma ERP

Medical & Pharmaceutical

The unique expertise of our team, gained in the impressive number of complex implementations in countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the exceptional modularity and adaptability of the product, make Charisma Medical Software the logical choice for streamlining the internal processes of any hospital, clinic, drugstore or laboratory, regardless of its size or complexity.

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Software for Construction & Engineering | Charisma ERP

Construction & Engineering

The official studies estimate that 2012 will be the year for economic recovery in the construction & engineering field. The impact of the economic crises is reflected in costs, correct planning of budgets, construction contracts and this situation imposes a new approaching of clients and suppliers. Charisma answers to all these challenges with an unique Romanian ERP solution that natively includes the project management module – essential component for a sector in which large developers administrate hundreds of projects simultaneously.

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ERP Software Solutions for Energy & Utilities | Charisma

Energy & Utilities

Dominated by the de-regulation of the market and by the privatizations in the energy sector, the energy & utilities sector is an extremely fragmented business environment that needs software solutions with high scalability and great configuration capabilities. The heterogeneous, not completely integrated systems, burden the data consolidation process. Find out details about Charisma solutions specially designed to meet the specific needs of this sector.

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ERP Software Solutions for Manufacturing - Charisma


By analyzing all angles of the manufacturing process – execution, technological processes, number of benchmarks, precision or quality – one can conclude that is a complex field that requires powerful and reliable software solutions. And when the company exports its products in western countries, the quality requirements are even more important. This is why our solutions dedicated to the manufacturing industry include western methodologies, specially designed to meet the needs of the most exigent Romanian manufacturers.

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Software solutions for public administration - Charisma

Public Administration

The need of transparency in using public funds, tracking budgets and infrastructure projects, public domain investments, as well as effective communication or quick reaction to citizens' needs are challenges for both central or local public administrations. Charisma designed solutions specially adapted to public sector, decisively contributing to the development of administrative capacity of the most important public institutions in Romania.

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"... In my opinion, Charisma HCM is well suited to large companies because it is custom tailored. The main advantage of the application is the information that can be accessed anytime and can take any form you want. ..."
Mona-Lisa JORASCU,
HR& Payroll Manager
Auchan Romania


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