Ensures the compliance with the applicable law
You don't need to worry about the legal changes. This aspect is our sole responsibility.

The organization chart at a glance
The whole organizational structure is centralized and the roles, positions and responsibilities, as well as the critical personnel information are accessible to the authorized persons.

Flexibility in payroll calculation
You have the possibility to change the tariffs or rules during a month, depending on the internal policy of the organization.

Strategic support for the managerial decisions
The solution allows various scenarios and forecasts for the accurate calibration of payroll investments or for the development of headcount with the company's financial and business targets.

Ensures data privacy
The solution includes advanced levels of complete security that ensure data privacy on 7 security levels. Thus you have the certitude that the sensitive data will be available only for the employees with appropriate access rights to this data, but also that general information can be accessed by all the employees, while relieving the HR personnel.

Quick data transfer with other information systems
Charisma HCM integrates with a large number of financials-accounting systems or with other internal applications that already run at the beneficiary, such as PeopleSoft, SAP, SUN, Scala, MFGPro, Charisma ERP. The application enables configurable imports/exports based on a dedicated module that can work with different file formats - DBF, XML, XLS, TXT, CSV, PDF, DOC, VSD, JPEG, Open Office;

Reporting and display in many foreign languages
Charisma HCM is perfectly adapted to multinational companies. No matter if the interface is required in English, French, German, Russian, Serbian or Polish, the solution provides the same complex reports in the required language with a single click.

Expense tracking per cost centers
You can evaluate the investment efficiency in the development of employee's competencies, the top performance areas and the areas that need intervention of the HR team. The entire activity is tracked at cost center level, allowing the tracking of budget execution by various components, such as training, assessments, compensations, benefits, recruitment processes, etc. Thus, Charisma HCM provides an actual support in adjusting the efforts towards the areas with maximum impact on the organization's growth.

Completely configurable complex, static or dynamic reports
You can quickly access any information category in the database, including statistic reports as graphics. Thus, you can assess at any time the dynamics of yours company's personnel or other performance indicators specific to your company. Additionally, you can track the activity of the users, the changes made in the system, viewed information or other actions performed by the users. The solution also provides centralized reports, in real time, at group level in case of  holdings.

Alerts and notifications in advance
You will not forget to congratulate your employees on their birthdays, you will know in advance about the persons whose contracts will terminate. You are able to set up the alerts depending on any event of interest. The module enables e-mail notifications to distribution lists, such as the list with new employees in the security or IT department.

Enables multiple, simultaneous configurations
Charisma HCM provides the interest information depending o each single user's preferences. Thus, the most system configurations can be performed by the users. The solution includes a validation mechanism for data entry that does not allow wrong records into the system.

Reduces the work time and optimizes the routine tasks
The self-service solution enables the participation of employees and managers to certain human resources processes, such as employee satisfaction surveys, complete 360º assessments, electronic leave requests, but also various personal information, such as remaining holiday days.


  • Enables operating on employee groups - timesheets, bonuses, salary raises;
  • Enables automatic retrieval of individual employment contracts, addenda or various certificates;
  • Enables the automatic generation of addenda depending on the depreciation of training period provided by the company to its employees;

... and more.


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