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Garanti Leasing, the brand under which Motoractive NBFI is operating, chooses Charisma ERP

Bucharest, 18th of April, 2011
Garanti Leasing, the brand under which Motoractive NBFI is operating and one of the leading financial services companies in the Romanian financial-banking market has chosen the solution provided by TotalSoft, Charisma ERP for the management of its activities and resources. The project has started with a business analysis phase and is due to be finalized in September 2011
The software platform will comprise, in addition to the Charisma ERP system specific for the leasing vertical, a business intelligence component, Charisma Analyzer, a document management solution, Charisma Document Management and a self-service solution, e-Care, for a fast and efficient communication between company and stakeholders.
We chose Charisma ERP following a comprehensive tendering process, which was attended by many well known companies in the IT market. This solution proved to be closest to our business needs, responding to the dynamic changes currently occurring in the leasing market.” stated Okan Yurtsever, CEO, Garanti Leasing.
Garanti Leasing choice strengthens the dominant position that Charisma has acquired in the financial services market. I truly believe that our solution, the experience and the large number of deployments in recent years, will provide a strategic support for the development of financial and operational leasing activities performed by Garanti Leasing.” States Liviu Dan Dragan, CEO, TotalSoft.
Charisma ERP solution has been classified by KPMG as one of the top 10 worldwide leasing software providers. This system has been adopted by multinational companies from Austria, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Albania, Senegal and Moldavian Republic.
The nearly 85% market share recorded by Charisma ERP in the financial services market (leasing, credit, rate) is the result of continuous investments in product development, investments imposed by the accelerated growth of this industry in Romania during 2005-2009.
At regional level, over 400 domestic companies and 60 multinational groups, whose aggregate turnover exceeds 20% of the Romanian GDP, are currently using Charisma ERP system.

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