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Foreign Policy includes Liviu Drăgan in Top people and ideas making Romania better

Last week, the prestigious magazine Foreign Policy Romania nominated Liviu Dragan (CEO TotalSoft) in top 100 people and ideas making Romania better. For 4 years, the magazine has been presenting its audience Romanians that initiated remarkable projects in the previous year, exceptional people in all areas of activity.  

Liviu was included in the top, in the section “Economy and Business” for “Long-term success”. In an extremely competitive IT industry, the company that he created and ran for more than 20 years is now the leading ERP provider in Romania with operations in 37 countries in the world.

 “I have learned that the long term achievement of a company depends entirely on its employees. Thus, I consider that this nominalization is a merit of everyone who works at TotalSoft, all those who with effort, passion and dedication, make our story an envied success. Undeniably, we are in a competitive environment and it is crucial to continuously improve in order to consolidate our leading position. Every achievement brings new opportunities for TotalSoft, which ensures a sustainable future for us and for our clients as well” considers Liviu Drăgan, CEO, TotalSoft.

Other nominees for the “Economy and Business”section include Mihai Anghel, owner of Cerealcom Group and Valer Blidar,  owner of Astra Vagoane Arad, Telekom or  Hidroconstrucţia.

The acknowledgement of Foreign Policy comes only a few months after the  “CEO Awards – The most admired CEOs in Romania” Gala, where Liviu Dragan was awarded with the title “Evolution and Revolution” along with other executives who, according to the results of the companies they manage, proved their tenacity.

The Top 100 FP România/ 2014 includes, among other, Romanian pupils that brought home over 50 gold medals and first place rankings last year at international Olympics or Romanian students and graduated awarded by The League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS), social entrepreneurs, such as Ivan Patzaichin or Ionuţ Pătrăhău and Sergiu Stoica, and managers such as Doru Lionăchescu, scientists, such as those from the Physics and Nuclear Engineering Institute ”Horia Hulubei”,  and researchers of social sciences, such as the sociologist Mirel Bănică, journalist, such as Cătălin Tolontan or Mirel Bran, economists, like Mircea Coşea, Cristian Popa or Radu Crăciun, diplomats, like Mircea Maliţa and Simona Miculescu, Academic professors, like Mihaela Miroiu, cultural personalities, such as the philosopher  Mihai Şora, the theatrologist  George Banu, the director Răzvan Mazilu, the editor Denisa Comănescu or the musician Alexandru Andrieş.

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