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TotalSoft Days 2013
Date : October 29, 2013 | Location : Radisson Blu Hotel
A plus of flexibility and performance for your business.
We will experience together the innovation's impact on creating more efficient business models.
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  • Suzana Badea (phone): +04 0744-898620
Charisma & Primavera Conference Agenda, October 29
9.00 - 9.30 Registration & Welcome Coffee
9.30 - 09.45 Welcome note: Liviu Drăgan, CEO, TotalSoft
09.45 - 10.45

The impact of intelligent management in business development in 2012

Leaders of the economy talk about collaborating with TotalSoft
  • Azomureș - Mihai Aniței, General Manager
    The experience of implementing Charisma & Primavera at Azomureş
  • MedLife - Mihai Marcu, President
    Charisma supports the business of the largest private healthcare operator in Romania
  • Carmistin - Monalisa Ungureanu, CEO
    Charisma preferred over international solutions
  • Mega Image - Nicoleta Călin, Performance Management Manager
    A story becomes reality… Charisma Talent Management at Mega Image
10.45-11.05 New features in Charisma 2013
11.05- 11.30

Charisma 2014

  • Workflows
    Process designer, task- and event management
    Seamless integration with Charisma
  • Mobility
    Charisma Web Leasing is now mobile-ready (online/offline; synchronization)
    Cash flow analysis and approval on smart phone - new version
    My tasks, integrated with Charisma Dashboard - new version
  • Budgeting module
    Budget planning
  • Technology
    New controls
    Implementation of Charisma Framework to allow both Windows and Web format
  • Cloud
    Prepare Charisma Platform for cloud
11.30-12.00 Networking & Coffee Break

Charisma ERP - Atlas Room
Session 1 - New features in Charisma Business Suite

  • Results analysis on tablet - new format
  • Events traceability
  • A modern and efficient alternative for issuing tax documents > electronic invoicing
  • Light invoice: Invoice integration with stock engine and wizard
  • A new, visionary tool for tracking and planning cash flows > Cash Flow 2013 
  • Automatic Validation of the VAT payers > Charisma integration with ANAF
  • Using smartphones for a better organization of the business > Charisma Mobile Suite
  • The Agricultural Production Module - new solutions for agribusiness
  • Getting the best quality - price ratio > Charisma eProcurement
  • Specific CRM customization - SFA for insurance and automotive
  • Database archiving
  • Database Audit - partners’ complete history
  • Strategic business planning. Management of performance indicators
12.00–13.15 Session I – Charisma HCM & Primavera
  Charisma HCM - Atlas 2 Primavera - Alcyone
Reference events of the year 2013
  • Case Studies: Vodafone Romania, Ernst &Young,  Regina Maria
  • Charisma HCM Mobile
Mega Image business case.
Integrated  platform for  employee performance evaluation and development.
  • Defining and tracking performance goals
  • Management of training programs
  • Career development and implementation of succession plans
  • Timekeeping with electronic cards for mobile teams
  • Necessary equipment for mobile clocking
  • Fingerprint and card readers clocking
  • GPS equipment tracking
A new Primavera year
Primavera footprint 2013
Oil& Gas and Petrochemical  -  vertical of the year
  • LUKOIL - JCR Christof
  • Azomureș
  • OMV - Petrom
13.15-13.30 Networking & Coffee Break

Session II - Charisma on vertical markets

Atlas 1 - Charisma ERP - Commercial (Distribution, Services, Manufacturing)

  • New features in defining trade policies in Charisma
  • Charisma Retail Pharma
  • Extending SFA on Android Operating System 
  • FFA for sales people – task management
  • Increasing Performance of Charisma WMS
  • Intelligent Sales Analysis by means of a dedicated module
  • A more efficient management of documents in any company > Document Management
  • Integrating fleet management into business processes > Fleet Management
  • The impact of games on sales > Charisma Mobile Gamification for Sales
  • Resource planning in construction projects using the "Operational Plan" tool.
Merope - Charisma ERP - Financial Services
  • Web solutions to simplify lending: Web Credit, Web Wholesale
  • Workflows - new ideas of presentation and execution
  • Automation of the link between leasing and stocks during te operational flow
  • Easy accounting processing through Charisma Analyzer
  • New solutions for leasing: Cell Monitor
  • Alignment with the latest European banking regulations > SEPA
  • Insurance - new developments in FrontOffice and BackOffice
  • Charisma Portugal - adapting to a new market
  • CRM Customer Self Service (web & mobile)

Caleano - Charisma Medical Software

  • Network Partners Module – functional optimizations
  • Charisma Medical features exposed on Web technologies - Web Laboratory
  • Charisma Medical components set out in the Cloud - Clinic and Laboratory Modules in Cloud
  • Clinical and imagistic investigations - collecting information of the type image/video
  • The Concept of Vouchers used for delivery and payment services
  • Working list for Nurses and requests for Ambulances in the Hospital
  • Legislative Updates for the Electronic Prescription within Charisma Medical Software
Charisma Medical Software 2014
  • Development of specialized modules for recuperatory medicine, treatment centers and dental offices
  • Web exposure of the Electronic Patient Sheet
  • Desktop and Web for Doctors Solution - Doctor Workstation

Session II - Charisma HCM - Atlas 2

New features in Charisma HCM Portal
  • Employees get to choose their benefits package
  • Workflows in Charisma HCM
  • Employment termination form. Internal notes
Charisma HCM Mobile
  • Initiate and approve leave requests on mobile devices
  • Pay slips on mobile devices
  • HCM indicators on mobile devices
Charisma HCM 2014
  • Scheduling salary calculation
  • Standard reporting using Microsoft Word Templates
  • Working schedules automatic planning

Session II - Primavera - Alcyone

A Platinum Partnership
  • The fourth consecutive year of First Level Support for Primavera products
Primavera Roadmap
Primavera Portfolio Management. Strategic solution, strategic success.
15.00 LUNCH
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