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References have a special importance in the qualitative evaluation of a software solution. The success of the implementation is the guarantee of a complex implementation methodology, maturity of the development processes, but also the experience of the people behind the products.

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BCR Leasing completely automates the credit application flow by integrating Charisma Leasing Management with Starbyte data services

" Besides our offer, the most important parts in our area are the quality of the services, rapidness and professionalism we give proof of, no matter we talk about a dealer or the final customer. The project “Quick Offer”, as we named it, is a BCR Leasing innovation and I strongly believe that it will change many companies’ way of working. ", Iulian Mihaila , IT Manager BCR Leasing

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BNP Paribas Leasing Group Luxembourg

" I am particularly proud on the speed and the quality of the achieved Charisma implementation. All of us knew as from the beginning that the challenge would be huge as we worked in a very tight time frame due to regulatory constraints. Excellent spirit and exemplary solidarity between TotalSoft’s implementation team, BGL BNP Paribas’ IT specialists and the key users of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions allowed us to realize the target within the fixed plan. ", Robert Christophory, General Manager

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Mowasalat Clinic

" The company has now access to an overview on the entire performed activity, which enables them a better control on resources. Processes are accelerated by quickly capturing and querying information through the automation of a patient's or medical test's complete route. ", Dr. Emad Mohd. M. Bahloul , Company Doctor Qatar Transport Company

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" We are using a stable information system, that meets all the current needs of the medical network MedLife and it represents with no doubt the most appropriate solution for the next years, when nearly everything will become digitized and we will like to have everything on the mobile phones or computers. In fact, this is the difference between Charisma and the rest of the medical software solutions in Romania and even abroad. ", Dorin Preda, Member of Administration Council

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Coca-Cola HBC România & Republic of Moldova

" From my point of view, TotalSoft strengths are flexibility, professionalism and very good technical team that you can rely on. ", Manuela Preoteasa, Reward & HR Services Manager

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