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The Web Leasing module is dedicated to sales (POS, bank branches, dealers, brokers etc.) and risk analysis teams in leasing companies. It is also used for analyzing risks of Addendums.

The module is available on the web and can easily be used in any area of activity, without prior installation. This module is basically the front-office working area of the leasing solution and is connected by a buffer to the back office, namely Charisma ERP application.
The front-office application enables viewing the leasing offer, performing the risk analysis procedure and automatically calculating the potential client’s scoring /rating.
The decisional engine is part of the front office application allowing a rapid validation of the lease application. 
After the approval, the application automatically transfer the information in the back-office, Charisma ERP, according to the contract format. The back-office manages all classifications of financial products, products offered for funding, financing conditions, partners etc.

Clients who use the Web Leasing module from Charisma ERP

The main flow for the web leasing module includes the filled in loan application, approval of the application and, subsequent to the conclusion of the contract, all possible future actions.
Front Office
  • The web interface allows sales teams to create and monitor, from anywhere, all financial-leasing offers;
  • A main offer can be filled in and saved on this web interface;
  • Allows the recording of necessary data for the lease application, including all necessary information for the risk analysis based on scoring. 

Scoring/ Rating 
  • Complex calculation and decisional engine, fully configurable;
  • Uses data from BackOffice (previous behavior) and FrontOffice (introduced by request) to compute various indicators;
  • Includes a precondition area (that allow the client segmentation) and a post condition area (that can modify the calculation engine’s decision);
  • Can use data obtained via web from multiple sources for the risk analysis; 
  • The decision can be automatic (scoring and conditions engine) or manual (additional  BO analysis);
  • Allows the web validation of lease applications – analysis/ approval/ rejection of the financing application;
  • In addition, the module analyzes in terms of risk all requests for rescheduling /restructuring submitted in the back-office by active clients;
  • The module includes a description of the workflows that will be observed by users;
  • The module has a powerful security system, ensuring data segregsation according to granted user rights.
Ensures the data transfer between the front office and back office applications, either with different databases and automatic replication, with a single database.
Back Office
  • Records all information regarding the credit contract:
    • Stakeholders (user, insurer, endorser, etc.)
    • Financial data – contract currency and exchange rate, reference bank, advance payment, risk insurance, management fee, interest, and calculation and recording monthly rates based on the above parameters.
    • Score assessment, risk, information on the loan applicant ( net income, etc.);
  • Allows the access to product, partners and lease offers lists;
  • Allows the configuration of the evaluation criteria.


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