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Romania or any other EU country has a great potential both for investment and financing. A growing economy requires the creation of funding proposals for any type of consumer, be they natural or legal persons. Whether they will do business with dealers or equipment credit officers, construction services, or consumer goods, or will sell financial products directly, the financial or non-banking financial institution needs to streamline its loan process and eliminate business risk, based on real time and accurate data.

The Web Credits Module is an online application dedicated to managing real-time for credit applications, regardless of their type (consumer, mortgage or credit cards) in order to grant them both to individuals directly, as well as to companies for equipment financing or business development in various fields.

Some of the customers who use the Web Credits module

Financial and Operational Benefits

Streamlines and simplifies the credit process by:

  • Registration of credit applications and files directly from the store, using the Front-Office application;
  • Full coverage of the credit flow: offer, review, approval, contract preparation and tracking. Implementation of state flows, tracking and approval, tailored to internal policies;
  • Multi-currency option at portfolio level and multi-object financing at offer and contract level;
  • Complete management of offers and credit files from financial parameters (interest, loan amount, schedule, fees, installment, customer scoring, risk, applicant information) up to third parties necessary for the approval and follow-up (partners, co-financing, guarantees, insurance, collections, penalties);
  • Provides a safe working environment, which is segmented on access rights; multi-site and centralized work options for credit officers at headquarters;
  • Ensures multi-language interfaces for a centralized use of the application, regardless of the user’s nationality or office venue;

Reduces operational and stationery costs by:

  • Possibility to view/ print all documents and forms of interest only by clicking a button;
  • Centralizes and associates rapidly documents necessary for the credit file analysis, eliminating steps like using or changing physical or electronic files via fax or e-mail between departments or subsidiaries and headquarters;
  • Manages initial and final credit conditions at file level;
  • Full coverage of stages involved in the credit file management and history monitoring of business statuses undergone by these, together with information about decision makers; example of business status flow that a credit file can undergo: [In progress] (Front Office), [Pre-analysis] (Front Office / Back Office), [Pre-analysis approval] (Back-Office), [Approved with changes] (Back Office), [Rejected] (Back Office);
  • Management of different types of guarantees, as pledge or mortgage, necessary at credit  file level, together with all the related information;
  • Native integration with the Back Office system Charisma ERP or any other enterprise resource planning system (ERP, CRM etc) for contract, client, payment and collection or other documents of interest management etc.

Manages credit applications in real time and in a controlled manner by:

  • Integration of data entered at headquarters and company subsidiaries, ensuring a unitary visibility over data and eliminating redundancy;
  • Computerization of the entire credit and operation system in real time by all operators working in stores or subsidiaries, or by suppliers of insurance conventions for the credit;
  • Flexible financing products that are adapted to the economic situation and internal politics of the company; defined and controlled financing conditions for each business line covered by fixed or variable interests, types of financing limits, validity periods, currency, fixed or variable related commissions, computed based on configurable formulas, product categories or financed objects, default guarantees, necessary documents or additional information.


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