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WMS (Warehouse Management)

Are you a company working in distribution or retail field? If yes, undoubtedly you have faced at least once too high personnel expenses, with increasingly rigorous organization of the storage areas, with errors of receiving into the inventory or a too difficult delivery of packages. Many times these problems mean lower customer satisfaction.

Charisma has specially developed for you o solution designed for the optimization of stocks in the warehouses. Based on the flexibility and automation of the entire process, from receiving the goods into the warehouse to shipping them to end recipients, Charisma Warehouse Management reduces the inventory time, counts and efficiently directs the movement and storage of materials and increases the efficiency of assigning the employees for the optimization of operational costs.

Using Charisma Warehouse Management, and by native integration with Charisma ERP, you can gain agility in a competitive environment, where the existence of a completely integrated information system makes the difference.

Customers who use the Warehouse Management module

Financial and operational benefits

  • Increasing the accuracy of information regarding the managed warehouses
    • Automating information and data flow capturing. Possibility to interface both with scales for reading the received quantities and barcode printers for printing the information specific to each item;
    • Integration with Charisma ERP 2011 modules. Complete and high-performance business management; Automatically enters into accounting system the good reception, delivery or transfer documents;
    • Securing data and information flows. Allows restrictions or operational validations.
  • Increasing the efficiency of the material flow
    • Traceability. Enables tracking the products and formal documents for the routes warehouse-customer, customer-warehouse and cross-warehouse;
    • Adaptability. Changing the warehouse destination, changing the operating features of the warehouse, double inventory management in the source and target warehouse;
    • Complete management. Receiving the goods, tracking the storage or delivery areas, tracking their transfers within the site or cross-warehouse, counting, picking or shipping;
    • Advanced integration. Integration with SFA (Sales Force Automation), supply orders launched by branches or stores, or orders posted on the company's Website
  • Increasing the productivity and reducing the costs with operators in the warehouse
    • Automating the operations. Reception, delivery, inventory and data transfer;
    • Automatic cost calculation. Per product, with workforce, per cross-docking operations;
    • Reducing the personnel load. Increasing the efficiency of the human resource load and tracking its activity;
    • Reducing the paper use;
    • Automatic counting and inventory management;
    • Automatic rescheduling. Automatic loading the storage area based on history;
    • Supply forecast. Current stock, goods on the road, supply period.
  • Horizontally and vertically optimizing the space usage
    • Defining and configuring the management method of the storage areas;
    • Calculating the best road for reception and delivery;
    • Grouping the storage areas by product category or other features.
  • Reducing the warehouse costs
    • Minimizing the good losses. Performing the outputs in FEFO (First Expired - First Output) order, reducing the quantities of expired products, quantities sold with discounts due to the upcoming expiration date, products destroyed due to expiration;
    • Quick and flexible inventory management;
    • Defining and matching multiple features at warehouse or storage cell level;
    • Total or partial product inventory management;
    • Using multiple units of measure, goods expiration dates/effective dates, key-account customers;
    • Real-time access to information.
  • Increasing the customer satisfaction and sales
    • Minimum time and multiple serving possibilities. FIFO (First-In-First-Out), LIFO (Last-In-First-Out), cross-docking, automatic replenishment, various methods of picking up goods: Wave picking / Batch picking / Zone picking;
    • Sales forecast and early preparation of batches to be delivered;
    • Complex and complete services

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