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While companies aim the profit in particular as a general performance indicator,  as an entity, money are not a negligible aspect. It represents the basic element in any business, ensuring the possibility to run the daily operations. Only an integrated software solution that would supervise the cash flow within the organization can ensure cash forecasts, cash management, a greater control on the financial risks and a more efficient cash management.

Treasury module is completely integrated with Charisma ERP and provides these features according to the internal and group regulations, monitoring the current and future cash flows within a company as a whole or by subunits.

Some of the customers who use the Treasury Module from Charisma ERP

Financial and operational benefits

Increasing the efficiency of the financial operations
Due to automation retrieving of the relevant financial data from all information systems, the solution significantly reduces the time and manual effort spent on entering the financial data. Additionally, the existence of a unique information source on the financial indicators provides transparency on the company's progress and performance, offering the management the possibility to make proactive decisions in order to increase the operations' efficiency.

Reducing the operational costs
Thanks to the cash flow control within an organization, Treasury module reduces the costs with bank charges and the related risks by improving and better supervising these flows.


  • Monitors the receivables and debts of the financial partners:
    • Manages all the amounts received/paid through "Bank" and "Cash" sub-modules, in RON or in any other currency. All the amounts are split by partners and invoices (or equivalent documents) ;
    • Provides features for cross charging between multi-partner and multi-currency invoices, receivables and debts;
    • Invoice offsets;
    • Manual or automatic reallocations of receipts and payments, based on allocation rules;
    • Complete revaluation of receivables and debts in foreign currency, also maintaining the initial history exchange rates of the documents, thus reducing the time needed to manage them;
    • Uses all types of bank documents (payment order, receipt, fiscal receipt, check, promissory note, credit card, etc.), each having with its specific treatment.
  • Quickly and efficiently manages the paid/received advance payments. For the companies with a large number of partners and financial operations, the system is empowered with automatic close of the advance payments with the invoices that have occurred afterwards.
  • Allows the retrieval of international receipts and payments – an unlimited number of currencies can be defined so that reporting can be done in any of these currencies based on the daily exchange rate. The system automatically determines all the exchange rate differences for the operations run in different currencies.
  • Includes management of expense reports with employees or third parties - the amounts granted as advance payment to be reimbursed, detail expense report, as well as management of the remaining amounts after reimbursements.
  • Enables the communication with banks and receivables and payables accounts - it is compliant with the electronic bank statements (multi-cash) provided by various banks; exports and imports various payments and receipts for the company's accounts and performs automatic connections with the system invoices based on configurable rules.
  • Identifies trends of the financial evolution:
    • Collecting and retrieving historical current data.
    • Calculating the main financial indicators and their analysis based on the company's profile and business seasonality for the current period or for previous periods.
  • Tracks online all the receivables and debts, regardless their nature. The payments with the providers and their assignment by the received invoices are tracked, and also the receipts from the customers and their assignment by invoices.
  • Provides an automatic system for generating the mature payments, using the chosen payment methods, bank and bank account.
  • Includes tracking of fixed assets.

  • Provides all legal reports and a wide range of usual reports, such as bank and cash records, open customer/supplier invoices, balances for partners by time intervals, matches between invoices and payments, open advance payments, etc.
  • Runs reports related to the company's financial situation:
    • Full and various situations regarding the receivables and debts, by partner, period, agent, location, etc.
    • Forms that highlights the financial situation.
    • Forms defined according to the specific and needs of each company.
    • Simplifies the communication with the auditors or the company group through an integrated and consistent view of financials.
  • It is natively integrated with the basic modules in Charisma ERP suite: Sales, Purchasing, Asset Management, Budget Management, Inventory Management, Foreignl Trade, Insurance and Financing Contracts Management.

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