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My Tasks simplifies the tracking and updating of daily activities’ progress. The module is fully integrated with Charisma ERP Core so that users can easily transfer and synchronize their activities with other planning solutions (like MS Outlook).

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Designed as a collaborative application, My Tasks simplifies the tracking of daily activities, groups them into categories, assigns them owners, prioritizes alerts or re-plans them, in case their deadlines are exceeded.
In other words, My Tasks plays the user’s "memory" role, providing a permanent link to the activities, flows, documents and processes in the system. It creates and manages own tasks, it delegates tasks to other persons and helps you manage both your personal and professional tasks. Furthermore, the application runs on smart phones and PC Tablets as well.
The application provides transparency to all tasks, so that they can be tracked by others indirectly concerned with them.
  • Fast introduction of tasks. Tasks can be introduced quickly, directly from the application, and can also be emailed. Tasks can also be created as Charisma documents (invoices, payments, accounting notes etc.) and associated with the document of origin for an easy navigation. The application provides default values for deadlines, which can also be configured by the user. It also provides automatic filling of contextual data (date, time, task category).

Completed tasks are automatically archived.

  • Plan and view tasks for a certain period. My Tasks allows you to view a list of tasks, depending on their timeframe, but also on files or importance. If you choose to view tasks according to time, the first category to be displayed will be tasks with exceeded deadlines, while the other categories will include tasks with no deadline.

  • Edit tasks. The application allows editing tasks, so if a subscriber comments or modifies one of the tasks already created, other subscribers can watch the status of the actions performed.


  • Notifications and alerts. Users can choose to be notified on exceeding deadlines - this functionality is available even when the application is turned off.
  • Synchronization with Charisma AppServer via Internet. The authentication is based on to the Charisma username. Thus, the application allows a collaborative work on each task, providing automatic and real-time updates.

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