Stock Replenishment

Under the pressure of increasingly demanding purchase and supply behaviors, but also due to the increase of competition in international chains, the distribution and retail companies feel the need to ensure the automation and improvement of the operational flow, to decrease the costs in order to support profitable margins, to ensure the loyalty of business partners for positioning the company as a provider of quality, professional services.

Taking into consideration the inconsistency of customer wishes, Charisma Stock Replenishment offer the organization the advantage of forecasting and improving the reaction speed to the changes in their demands. As the company's financial performance depends on the speed of moving the goods to the store or distribution chain, Charisma Stock Replenishment ensures this quickly, by optimizing the replenishment process with the purpose of sale.

Some of the cstomers who use the Stock Replenishment module

Financial and operational benefits

  • Increases the efficiency of distribution and logistics operations within the company
    • Automatic calculating the ordered quantity, according to the actual requisition and applying formulas configurable at the level of each organization;
    • Generating and implementing logical constraints within the warehouses and in the general organization method;
    • Flexibly and independently configuring the supply methods at the level of branches and warehouses. The possibility to issue orders to providers for certain products, both from the central warehouse and from branches;
    • Ensuring the centralized valuing of the stocks in branches. Visibility and access to the goods in other warehouse or branch, according to the occurred demands.
  • Improves the company's productivity
    • Fast re-planning and re-purchasing. Independent management in branches at product, price, portfolio and provider level or partially managed at headquarters;
    • Optimal stock. There are no stock shortages or money locked in too large stocks;
    • Subordinating the company's objectives by linking and coordinating the purchasing with the sales targets;
    • The possibility to implement a centralized policy in the supply area;
    • Transparent access to performance indicators;
    • Native integration with Charisma ERP.
  • Increases customer satisfaction
    • Fast serving;
    • Decreasing the number of un-fulfilled orders. Optimal time between the order time and the existence of the stock in the warehouse or on the shelf;
    • Improving the methods of distributing the goods, both within the organization and outside it.

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