Charisma Search is an innovative tool that radically changes the way users interact with a business software system. The module was developed specifically to ease the searching and filtering of information available in the database of an ERP system, thus significantly reducing the time required to retrieve a certain information.

Some of the customers who use the Search module

  • Reduces by 67% the time and steps required for retrieving and accessing the information from an ERP data base;
  • Allows the fast identification of information needed by returning information classified by intervals, types of information or entities;
  • Increases the usability, mobility and interaction with business applications.


  • Allows searches in the entire data base of an ERP solution, including company history;
  • Returns in maximum 100 milliseconds all documents that relate to your search criteria;
  • Allows searches based on partial information, words, numbers or date ranges;
  • Classifies the information by intervals, types of information or entities;
  • Ensures the display of information in the user’s language due to a component that translates the information in the predefined language;
  • Provides data security, the results displayed being correlated to user access rights. The only information displayed is the one to which the user has the right to access.

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