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Under the pressure of the competition increase, you need to work smarter and to achieve more with limited resources. Sales module helps you to run the commercial strategy by using more efficiently each internal resource for serving and increasing the number of customers, regardless your business field. The module automates and centralizes the requests for quotations, offers, invoices, orders, notices, discount or promotion campaigns, targets, customers’ types, sales areas or delivery areas. This module is part of Charisma ERP core modules.


Some of the customers who use the Sales Module from Charisma ERP

Financial and operational benefits

Improves the relationships with customers
Due to consistent, complete and permanently updated portfolio of products and services, credits and discounts granted to customers or ongoing campaigns, the system provides all the tools necessary for creating a unique voice of the organization in the relationship with the customer.

Increases sales
Thanks to the relevant information about the progress of customer buying preferences, the company will be able to address the products and services oriented towards the satisfaction of these preferences, thus helping the increase of sales and also the customer loyalty.

Reduces the costs and increases the employees' productivity
Thanks to a unique database, that is available and accessible any time anywhere, based on access rules according to the internal policy of the organization, the system eliminates redundant, time consuming work, thus minimizing the operational costs and increasing the employees' productivity.


  • Improves the management of customers and commercial contracts;
  • Enables multiple classification hierarchies of customers or products, for reporting;
  • Manages the complete document flow within a sales cycle (request for quotation, offer, customer order, customer order confirmation, shipping notice, sales invoice, etc.);
  • Meets the specific of the organization by invoicing in the format specific to the company, country or group;
  • Enables simultaneous batch invoicing for multiple customers (thousands) based on the contract terms and the operations performed with those customers in a certain period;
  • Benefits from a price engine based on a commercial policy with high degree of configurability (enables discounts and promotions, separately or simultaneously applied by product, customer, payment term, agent, product group, customer group, etc.);
  • Enables using multiple price lists in RON or in any other currency;
  • Classifies the customers in portfolios by agent or trading areas;
  • Provides credit control regarding the debt and the delay days, allowing to block or to warn when selling;
  • Enables managing the targets by customer, sales agent, area, as well as tracking these targets achievement with automatic bonus calculation;
  • Enables automatic stock decreasing based on the configurations performed at transaction level (notice, invoice);
  • Benefits from the permanently or temporary "stock reservation" feature on the Customer Order document;
  • Simultaneously issues or records documents;
  • Automatically charges the revenues on cost centers;
  • Defines automatic operations: issuing sales invoices based on previously issued delivery notes, and notes based on confirmed orders, etc.;
  • Enables selling in multiple units of measure and packages, regardless the unit of measure the product was purchased in;
  • Offers multinational features, including processing and managing multi-currency invoices and international VAT;
  • Supports specific requirements at government, services, education, medical assistance, etc. level;
  • Benefits from a powerful package of sales reports, both operational and managerial:
    • Sales statements by customer, item, period (drilling down to time level), agent, sales area;
    • Item offers;
    • Customer registry;
    • Statement of the items invoiced without shipping;
  • It is natively integrated with the basic modules in Charisma ERP suite: Financials, Sales, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, Budgets, Inventory, External Trade, Insurance Management and Financing Contracts Management.  

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