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The developing, yet hostile Romanian economic environment supports the increase of financial, banking and non-banking institutions portfolio on one hand, but also increases the commercial and credit risks due to legal gaps, on the other hand. Financial institutions must be prepared and get complete and accurate information on its potential customers, to avoid insolvency or payment incidents. Moreover, any company collaborating with providers has now the possibility to get informed in advance on future commercial transaction risk.

Charisma Risk Assessment solution reports the economic data and financial indicators which are required for analyzing the risk in the relationship between any company and its potential partner. Whether we are talking about customer history, shareholders structure, stakeholders, risk assessment or financial statements over the last years, Charisma Risk Assessment provides all the critical information in order to quickly assess and decrease financial risks.
Charisma Risk Assessment is a service that is perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP, and in collaboration with  ICAP România, Starbyte, datefirme.ro, RisCO etc. it provides instant access to financial and non-financial data about current or potential business partners.

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Operational and Financial benefits

Reduces business risks
By analyzing in depth the financial situation of business partners, early from tender stages, the solution significantly reduces the risks of entering disadvantageous contracts.

Reduces the operational costs
Thanks to the centralization and quick display of information with one click directly in Charisma ERP interface, the solution significantly reduces the operational costs for people involved in checking this information via internal contact centers.

Provides support in the decisional process
Generating complex and complete financial reports on business partners will undeniably offer you substantial support in the decisional process, significantly contributing to the validation or invalidation of potential new business contracts.

Benefits and features

  • Centralizes the commercial information and financial indicators into a unique data base. Queries secure and accredited information sources and centralizes them into a unique data base;

  • Updates the information permanently. The information update frequency is extremely high, thus ensuring a reliable decision-making basis;
  • Structured information. It structures the information on interest categories: company profile, insolvency, risk assessment, credit limit, company history, business units and employees, shareholders and stakeholders, etc.;
  • Customer pre-approval and research. It ensures an initial data base containing summary, commercial, financial and partnership potential information;
  • Flexible access. The content selection can be defined for each user within the same company;
  • Configurability. Access and right to use the information are customizable according to the internal process of the user-company;
  • Own scoring engine. Provides parameterized and information support for its own partner scoring engine, applicable both on-line or off-line;
  • Automatic calculated scoring indicator. Provides estimation of a company’s credit risk, based on the probability of default / bankruptcy, on one year basis. The analysis takes over commercial, financial and transaction data, generating an indicator on a scale of ten;
  • Integration with third party applications. The system exports data in a current and generally accepted XML format for future integration with internal systems;
  • In-depth company analysis. Comprises security interests, generated credit limit, scoring indicator, sector comparison, negative financial indicators, payment incidents, state budget debts etc.;
  • Negative data reports. Includes quick notification regarding the company's debts to the state, payment complaints and incidents, social security, health, unemployment debts for the company's employees, as well as legal files in which it is involved;
  • Complete administration and structure information. Profile, activities, subsidiaries, employees, shareholders, administrators, participants, affiliated companies, other relationships;
  • Company history. Provides a complete company history, from its foundation to present: number of employees, ownership, capital, insolvency, news;
  • Complete financial reports. Includes financial and commercial data, company profitability assessment, financial statements for 5 years (balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, the progress of items from one year to another), liquidity, solvability, business; 
  • Secure access. It manages the acquisition and use of data based on user’s rights within the system, according to internal security policies, and the importance of information required as part of the business;
  • Monitoring service. Monthly or quarterly, directly in Charisma ERP or by e-mail, the company is notified on its status, opened insolvency processes or legal cases and updated debts by the state; 
  • Continuous data flow. Provides permanent access to data throughout the business flow, regardless of the industry the company is active in: from offering financial products or prospecting outlet market, up to the final decision to lend or to conclude a contract with a partner, and continuous monitoring throughout the contract period;
  • Automatic or manual access, by request, to the withdrawn financial information.

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