Charisma Retail software is the most complex and popular POS (Point of Sale) solution in Romania, especially because of the flexibility in rapidly covering each operational requirement of a point of sale. The solution allows product sales optimization through different means (cash or/and credit card/gift vouchers/value tickets by EFT POS), being intended to facilitate the management of the sales documents and financial instruments occurring in the direct relationship between the store and the end consumer.

En-detail sales to end customers are permanently subjected to the pressure of buyer's preferences, purchasing power, fluctuant demands, fulfilling the changing legal regulations, may they be local or international. Regardless of the business size or area of the retailer, from a small store to a national or multinational chain, everyone wishes to grow its business and to strategically position by achieving market share, ensuring customer and personnel loyalty, by the flexibility of the commercial policies, with minimum purchasing costs and a centralized reporting of the retail network operations. Charisma Retail software provides the appropriate support for achieving these objectives.

Some of the customers who use the Retail software

Solutie Retail SensibluSolutie Retail ArsisSolutie Retail MCS CommunicationsSolutie Retail Librariile AlexandriaSolutie Retail MAngo

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the operational costs
Thanks to centralizing all the relevant information into an unique database, the task of report generation is significantly reduced, along with the operational costs. The retail software provides a fast return on investment, regardless of the business area, from stores with sports equipment to supermarkets, ensuring a fast access to the top sold products and immediate decisions on the purchasing process.

Increases the sales
Thanks to quickly identifying the sales downtimes and peaks, the solution plays a critical part in increasing the sales and profitability of the company with package offers and promotional products to meet any preference and financial capability.  

Increases the efficiency and develops the business
By reducing overtime, decreasing the payroll costs, integrating the company data into a centralized database and automating some management and operational processes, the Retail software increases the efficiency of operations and supports business development. The product provides business analyses from various points of view (inventory units, time periods, promotions per store or per employee), optimizing the purchasing process.

Ensures customer loyalty
Charisma Retail software supports customer loyalty through cards with bonus points, as well as promotions, discounts or reduction of the sales time.


  • Increases the efficiency of the sales process by:
    • quickly performing the sales by automatically selecting the product / service in the sales document based on code, name, barcode, batch;
    • configurable pricing policy (product discounts, by product category and customer, promotional packages);
    • eliminating "out-of-stock" situations and removing faulty inventory management;
    • multiple receiving methods: cash, value tickets, card, gift vouchers;
    • enabling total or partial returns, compensations of products for sale;
    • securing the receiving and delivery transactions;
    • operational closing the sales, similar with cash register closing;
  • Marketing advantages by:
    • Loyalty programs - issuing loyalty cards (defining, issuing, distributing, managing), both in store or by regular mail, for cumulating value points and benefiting from discounts customized by each card category
    • Sending promotional campaigns via e-mail based on the consumer data filled in the questionnaires requested by the retailer;
    • Efficient price management with the possibility to set up and use discounts by product, product category, customer, promotional package or rebate;
  • Interface with any cash register;

  • Increased ergonomy via Touch Screen Ready; configurable and user-friendly interface that enables the operation both using the keyboard and directly touching the screen;
  • The advantage of using composite products by automatically suggesting the kit in case of separate sale of basic items, by parallel tracking the sales by kit or basic items;
  • Stock monitoring by item or composite-package product (kit);
  • Various payment methods - cash, card, value tickets, as well as easy selection of documents that should be issued: fiscal receipt, fiscal receipt and sales invoice, sales invoice, proforma invoice, sales invoice by installment, proforma sales invoice by installment;
  • Defining the types, using and tracking the value tickets from multiple providers, by their number and nominal value;
  • The possibility to generate sales invoice at customer request after the sale by fiscal receipt;
  • Managing the inventory process by counting and scanning the items based on the documents for counting and valuing the stocks via protocols of inventory differences;
  • Managing the reception process in the point of sale via purchasing invoices, provider notices, internal transfers from the network, NIRs;
  • Managing the product reservations on sale, based on proforma invoices;
  • Selecting the products by multiple criteria – barcodes, scanner, manual search by code, name, batch, provider, stock logistics features, etc.;
  • Managing partial or total sales returns by automatically generating the specific return documents: payment order, customer return protocol, reversal sales invoice (in case the initial sale was also accompanied by an invoice);
  • Intended to the large retail chains thanks to its multi-store capacity, real-time integration with Charisma ERP 2011 via the data accuracy, security and consistency and by improving the management control;
  • Automatically generating the documents related to product compensation;
  • Managing and securely and quickly accessing the cash register record in the point of sale;  
  • Reporting and daily closing the sales from operational point of view, similarly with that from the cash register; access to the situation of operations with the selected cash registers and grouped by day, site and cash register;
  • Customized printing of documents – sales invoice, internal notice, fiscal receipts;
  • Generates real-time reports:
    • Sales reports - Daily inventory report, Daily sales record, Monthly sales record, Analytical sales ledger,
    • Z report - the sales performed with detail sales fiscal receipt, document by document, grouped by currency and payment type (cash, credit card, value tickets);
    • Z report – multi-VAT - the sales performed with sales fiscal receipt;
    • Daily sales record - all the fiscal receipts paid with cash and cash receipts;
    • Item sales report - customer name and sales document date, quantity on the document line, price, amount without VAT and amount with VAT in RON;
    • Sales by item hierarchy report – quantity and quality sales (with VAT) for each node in the item hierarchy;
    • Sales per hour report - sales grouped by site for each interval in the 8-24 hours interval;
    • Sales by customer report - list of sales performed with the following sales documents: sales invoice, reversal sales invoice, export invoice, fixed asset sales invoice, foreign currency sales invoice, sales shipping notice, customer return shipping notice, reversal shipping notice, fixed asset shipping notice;
    • Sales by site report - sales cumulated by site, item and sales price;
    • Cumulated sales report - sales cumulated by each site and at the top level in the item hierarchy;
    • Inventory reports: Inventory report with sales price - the inventory value at the list price;
    • Sales vs. inventory by site report - quantity inventory and sales by site at a certain date, where the sales are shown from the point of view of quantity;
  • Reports regarding tracking and reimbursing the value tickets – provider, number of tickets, amount;
  • Reports regarding the loyalty cards – the cards issued in the business unit, the amount of the granted discounts;
  • On-line /off-line work – the application is permanently connected to the central database and, in special cases of lost connection it becomes off-line, enabling to continue the sales process;
  • Latest technical infrastructure. The product uses .NET Framework 3.5 technology, "ClickOnce" easy installation, 24/7 availability, use of "BriefCase" model for off-line work, providing performances far higher than other solutions available on the market;

  • Increased security through configurable access, set up based on the rights at user level or user group; remote access.

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