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The profitable credit products and the opportunity to remain competitive only through a bank loan or by supporting the shareholders or the group the company belongs to, enforce to managers an extremely careful and efficient management of these financial loans.

Refinancing module is a software solution designed for optimizing and facilitating the operations with the financing contracts for internal operations or leasing contracts, thus enhancing the management of loans from shareholders or bank credits. The system consistently manages all the financing and refinancing lines, providing a consistent, transparent view for the company's management. This module is perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP.


Customers who use the Refinancing module from Charisma ERP

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the corporation risk and operational costs
By centralizing heterogeneous information thanks to recording into a centralized base the redundant and manual information entry required to the contract management is eliminated. The solution increases the efficiency and optimizes the operational parts thanks to the remarkable flexibility that perfectly matches the business needs of any financial services and leasing company.

Market expertise
Charisma is a recognized market leader for the segment of business software solutions dedicated to financial services. You can benefit from this expertise to relaunch your activity to a higher level.


  • Integration with Charisma ERP 2011 suite for the company's management centralization;
  • Complete and quick traceability by tracking the links between all stages and existing documents in the business process;
  • Multi-currency and multi-language;

  • A powerful security system, with restriction possibilities up to the level of each field in the application;
  • The management of financial lines agreed with the banks and various terms (period, fees, interests), in a revolving or non-revolving way;
  • The management of all money withdrawals performed during the effective period of the financing line, with the possibility to link the amounts to the leasing contracts;
  • Various types of standard payment schedules and configurable payment schedules based on formulas that can be directly accessed from the user window: various calculation methods are accepted, combinations between "equal installments", total "grace", capital or interest, "equal capital", depending on the agreement between the company and the financing institution, etc.;
  • Fixed and/or variable interest, based on the reference interest, regardless the updating periodicity;
  • Various monthly or daily interest calculation methods on the payment schedule with annual reference of 365 or 360 days, as well as actual management of the internal payment schedule with help of the actual interest;
  • Monitoring changes history through Addendums to the refinancing contracts for: changing the financial parameters, payment reschedules, advance payments, etc.;
  • Interfacing with the account statement, that includes the possibility to assign the interest or capital payments to the performed withdrawals;
  • Automating the credited amounts calculation;
  • Interface for bank acceptance of the refinancing contracts.

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