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An integrated information system that supervises and optimizes the supply and purchase processes can lead to important minimizations in the financial and operational costs. Such a system returns its investment in less than a year, providing the organization's management with a total transparency on suppliers and business partners, as well as the possibility to negotiate the volumes through an accurate account management. This module is part of Charisma ERP core.


Some of the customers who use the Purchases Module from Charisma ERP

Financial and operational benefits

Increases the employees productivity
Thanks to the exceptional flexibility and configurability of the module, the system automatically generates the requisition based on the default items and price lists, ensures the traceability of documents and automatically assigns the expenses on cost centers, optimizing the operations specific to the purchasing process and relieving the employees of redundant and time consuming tasks.

Reduces the analysis costs

Improves the purchasing power
The system provides an updated and consistent view of the negotiation opportunities, information and account balances of the business partners, being an important support in the process of negotiation with third suppliers.


  • Manages the suppliers and the contracts with the suppliers;
  • Enables setting agreed suppliers lists and can create constraints to use only these suppliers on the purchase orders, possible with a certain priority;
  • Maintains detail data about items, taxes and price lists, multi-currency, multi-discount;
  • Tracks the items both according to the internal catalogs and to suppliers' catalogs;

  • Manages the full document flow within a purchasing cycle (purchasing requests (requisition), the requests for quotations from the suppliers, the purchase orders, the purchasing invoice, proforma, etc.) with all the connections between them;
  • Tracks the purchase request approval policy;
  • Generates the requisition directly based on the existing stocks, pending orders and various information about the requisition;
  • Based on the approved requisition, quickly generates the purchase order to a supplier (at the same time, the purchase order may be subjected to an approval process);
  • Allows the reception and/or inspection of goods coming from the suppliers and ensures the traceability of the items and documents used.  Automatically generates the report of differences when these occur. The reception can be done by batches or series; it also allows the reception of similar items (these will be assigned to orders);
  • Allows the reception of the items using the barcode scanner (internal or supplier's ranges);
  • Reserves items (the received items assigned to an order are available only for the requisition that had generated the order);
  • Receives the items in a receiving/inspection storage area, in warehouse, or for sale (a difference of accounting meaning);
  • Enables receiving items without an order (unordered) or without being assigned to orders, the assignment being done later;
  • Enables entering the items directly into inventory, removing the reception/inspection step;
  • Tracks the targets by supplier, in order to get the most efficient quotations;
  • Completely and efficiently tracks the entire supply chain, in many different ways;
  • Ensures the full traceability of the purchasing documents and the related purchased items;
  • Automatically splits the expenses on cost centers;
  • Enables printing all the documents in the company specific format;
  • Generates complex standard reports and benefits from the customized and quick report generator;
  • It is natively integrated with the basic modules in Charisma ERP suite: Treasury, Sales, Asset Management, Budget Management, Inventory Management, Foreign Trade, Insurance and Financing Contracts Management.  

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