Portfolio Management

The economical and technological development in fields such as architecture, civil engineering, interior design or advisory services have lead to the explosive increase of the project complexity, but also to higher requirements from customers or to research activities that waste more and more resources. The management of these project means new challenges, that are difficult to address without information solutions dedicated to these business fields. Increasing the profitability, efficiently using the human or financial resources, tracking and controlling the costs at internal operations level are only a few of the competitive advantages that can ensure the success of a company.

Charisma Portfolio Management provides complete support for creating, storing and querying contracts, projects or works performed by the company, as well as the management of documents and resources used. Perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP, Primavera solution, Charisma HCM or other CRM or Document Management solutions, Charisma Portfolio Management completes the end-to-end solution for tracking the financial investments or contracts.

Thanks to accessing an unique database, the companies benefit from reducing and controlling the costs related to contract management, increasing the compliance with the contracts and operations to the company's policies, as well as reducing the risks and improving the financial management.

Customers who use the Portfolio Management module

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the costs allocated for managing the contracts
The product eliminates the quasi-medieval practices and provides modern methods to manage the contracts, by centralizing the data, eliminating the redundancy of manual work, the flexibility of the platform configuration by automating or removing certain steps (contracts with amounts under a certain threshold do not pass through the legal department anymore), offering a significant cut of the organization's operational costs.

Increases the compliance and eliminates the financial risks
Thanks to the rapid access to a tool where "learned lessons" can be stored across time, the solution helps the company to define and observe a series of internal policies and rules ("do not sign contracts where penalties exceed a certain threshold").

Reduces the operational risks
The product ensures an efficient control for running the contracted projects, eliminating the human errors and signaling the need for some tasks to be entered into the contracts. Charisma Portfolio Management includes required tasks alerts, that are completely configurable, as well as notifications of risks associated to each task;

Improves the financial management
The product improves the financial management based on the decisional support provided to the management team and through an extremely efficient control of all the financial entities such as advance payments, invoices, payments, guarantees, trust letters, penalties, as well as support for analyzing and planning the investments (financing scenarios, budget/business plan, cash flow, balance sheet).

Decreases the financial risk and increases the control of expenses
By identifying/limiting/stopping each purchase within a project, by enhancing the validation process and by preventing the company budget exceeding, Charisma Portfolio Management decreases the company's financial risks.


  • Management of offers for customer. Includes:
    • Versioning/offer scenarios,  
    • Access to offer history,
    • Price management,
    • Comparison with different market indicators (for example, if the construction of a building is being quoted, the system automatically calculates the price per square meter, for reference),
    • Customizable calculation,
    • Import from expense report applications,
    • Support for public system tenders (legal forms),
    • Possibility to prepare the offer based on internal rules,
    • Duration evaluation for those tasks that need to be executed / execution schedule,
    • Determining the billing schedule,
    • Introducing other contractual elements (warranties, delays, etc.),
    • Link with the project.
  • Internal estimates. Includes:
    • Management of expense reports, estimation of the contract's actual cost;
    • The possibility to create scenarios in order to analyze different methods of achieving the objectives;
    • The details of the customer offer with actual resources/ actual quantities/ etc.;
    • Creates a link to the project;
    • Import from expense report applications;
    • Use of internal or republican regulations (used in legal reporting, e.g. construction works for city halls);
    • The possibility to import manufacturers' rules.
  • Contract management. Includes:
    • Contract stages and details,
    • Configurable approval and signing workflow,
    • Risk list and risk analysis,
    • Management of involved parties,
    • Billing at contract level, based on the works statement,
    • Contract financial management with the possibility of tracking revenues and expenses by cost centers.
  • Works statements. Includes:
    • Periodical, monthly or weekly view with the work's execution status for billing;  
    • The possibility to analyze / compare the internal reported progress;
    • The possibility to automate the process.
    • Change management, based on the following documents:
    • Additional note or Waiver note for the objectives or parts of the objectives;
    • Change request;
    • Addendums, in case a contracts needs to be modified, keeping the history and the contractual elements changed across time.
  • Project management. Includes:
    • Tracking the projects at contract level, as well as the tasks within the project;  
    • Comparison between budgeted and results based on the synchronization with the project in Primavera system or any other project management system;
    • Scheduling functions;
    • Workflow at task level;
    • The possibility to assign own or rented resources to tasks;
    • The possibility to collect consumptions of materials, machineries and labor;
    • The possibility to automatically collect the consumptions from third party applications;
    • Integration with the purchasing flows in Charisma ERP through limit record and/or requisition.
  • Subcontractors. The module tracks and manages the offers, the contracts or the works status with subcontractors. Includes:
    • Determining the offer format for subcontractors,
    • Collecting and comparing the offers from subcontractors,
    • The subcontracting process (as viewed by the general entrepreneur) - direct subcontracting of the items in the internal expense report (e.g. complete subcontracting of the electric part);
    • Configurable approval workflow;
    • Negotiation support (list of tasks to be subcontracted);
    • Additions/Waivers;
    • Works statements with subcontractors, meaning the acceptance of the subcontracting parties by the beneficiary, in view of billing;  
    • The possibility to totally or partially subcontract a task to one or more subcontractors;
    • Using and tracking the subcontracted resources and rent costs; the works statement is managed based on timesheets (human resources / machineries).
  • Financings. The module tracks and manages both internal and external financings such as credits or assignments. Includes the possibility to perform feasibility studies for using mixed financing patterns.
  • Integration with third party applications. The module is part of Charisma ERP suite and is natively integrated with Primavera, Project Management system, Charisma HCM suite (HR, MMC, TSP, etc). Furthermore, it is capable to complementary operate with document management systems, CRM and/or SharePoint solutions. 

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