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On an economic market continuously growing and full of financial opportunities, it is vital for the leasing company to remain an important competitor and face the legal and financial challenges and changes. As long as the market can relaunch a boom of the vehicle financing requests, machines used in civil engineering, industrial and agricultural equipment, the leasing companies can serve the companies with a rich fleet by removing risks, management and expenses, by leasing it for a monthly fixed rent. This module is perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP.

Customers who use the Operational Leasing module from Charisma ERP

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As compared to the financial leasing, the operational leasing means using the financed asset for a limited period of time, without taking the risks and the benefits related to the owner for solving specific tasks. Operational Leasing module is perfectly integrated with the modules of Charisma ERP business suite for a complete and efficient management of these assets:

Fixed Assets

  • Efficient tracking of operational leasing assets depreciation;
  • Allows multiple depreciation systems that differ according to duration, type, currency, application method;
  • Enables changing the depreciation process during the life of the depreciated asset by increasing/decreasing the value, cost center or location, etc.;
  • The monthly accounting registration of depreciation expenses;

Fleet Management

  • Enables connecting the data from the vehicle park to the concluded contracts;
  • Allows mapping and retrieving the recorded expenses from Fleet Management into the operational leasing contracts;
  • Manages splitting the expenses with spare parts, repairs, envelopes, batteries, etc. by each vehicle;
  • Relationship between the Operational Leasing Contract and the Vehicle Record from Fleet Management:

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the corporation risk and the operational costs
By centralizing heterogeneous information thanks to recording into a centralized base the redundant and manual information entry required to the contract management is eliminated. The solution increases the efficiency and optimizes the operational parts thanks to the remarkable flexibility that perfectly matches the business needs of any financial services and leasing company.

Increases the sales
Based on the complex and complete offer of financing products and financial and administrative support for SMBs and civil engineering companies, the company's business area will be significantly extended. Furthermore, thanks to reducing the time spent on contract management, the number of signed contract increases, thus enabling multiple offers to be customized according to customers' needs but also to quickly internationalize the offers and financial contract agreements.

Ensures customers' loyalty
The module improves the relationship with the customers through flexible credit programs and according to the market features and internal strategy for positioning the company.

Market expertise
Charisma is a recognized market leader for the segment of business software solutions dedicated to financial services. You can benefit from this expertise to relaunch your activity to a higher level.


The solution supports the entire business process, from contacting the potential customers to concluding the signed contract, benefiting from:

  • Unique, centralized database;
  • A powerful security system with restriction possibilities up to the level of each field in the application;
  • Multi-currency application, developing and maintaining productive relationships with the internal and external environment by simultaneously tracking data in many currencies with positive effects on reports;
  • High degree of extensibility, configurability and localization, covering the entire functionality of any type of business, regardless the company's nationality;

The main implementation features:

  • User-friendly and consistent Web or customer application interfaces for any role of the business process – Sales Representative (Front-Office), Risk Manager, Leasing Manager or Chief Accountant.

  • Full and quick traceability by end-to-end document flow, while tracking the links between all the stages and documents in the business process, by efficiently tracking the occurred issues and generating real-time views;
  • Complete management of the leasing transactions through offers, files and approvals, contracts, deliveries and financed assets collection, changes during the validity of the contract, re-sales; PVPP (reception protocol) and returning PVPP between the customer and the official designated by the company, entered when handling or returning the asset;
  • Customer portfolio and financed assets management, regardless their nature (vehicles, equipment, real estates, software) by efficiently capturing and reporting specific information and properties for each asset or asset category;

  • Use of financing products for defining and controlling the local financing conditions and at dealer level by setting interests, effective periods, currencies, defining and planning the reimbursement schedule, third-party taxes and subsides, asset categories or conditioned partner categories;
  • Management of partners and their role in the business process (providers, dealers, brokers, fidejussors, various guarantors and co-debtors), as well as the management of promotions defined by partner;
  • Various types of standard payment schedules and configurable payment schedules based on formulas that can be directly accessed from the user window: various calculation methods are accepted, combinations between "equal installments", total "grace", capital or interest, "equal" or "seasonal capital", etc. can include insurance split during the validity of the contract, various financed or not financed services and fees;
  • Fixed and/or variable interest based on the reference interest, regardless the updating periodicity;
  • Various monthly or daily interest calculation methods on the payment schedule with annual reference of 365 or 360 days, as well as actual management of the internal payment schedule with help of the actual interest;
  • Multi-currency options at portfolio level and multi-asset or offer and contracting level, regardless the category, the asset origin or VAT type;
  • Monitoring the change history through Addendums to the leasing contracts for: changing the financial parameters, rescheduling the installments or residual values, advance payments, assignments, terminations, total losses, etc.;
  • Management of security documents related to the leasing contracts, as well as their changes across time by keeping the history;
  • Structure and multi-role approvals of the file and/or financing contract;

  • Framework contracts for the important customers with large orders and characterized by similar financing conditions, run through multiple leasing contracts;
  • Tracking all the expenses and revenues at contract level, with the possibility to bill the customer; also includes the process of allocating various payment documents and/or service purchase and expense invoices at contract level, keeping the source-target link;  
  • "Batch - invoicing" via a complex and user-friendly interface developed for the billing process: advance payments, fees, taxes, various expenses, installments, residual values, penalties, exchange rate differences, insurance, etc.;
  • Automatic calculation of penalties and/or exchange rate differences for overdue payments, with the possibility of automatic or manual invoicing, separate or included on the monthly invoices;
  • "Black List" set-up – tracking all third parties considered "bad payers" (individuals or legal persons); includes the possibility to import data from an external database, such as the Credit Bureau;
  • File archiving interface;

  • The automation of the document flow generation during the financing project with only one click in the leasing contract, thus benefiting from the integration with Charisma ERP 2011 suite:  purchase invoice - advance or final invoice, internal or external invoice, assets insurance, CASCO, MTPL or financial risk, proforma sales invoice for advance payments, fees or various revenues that are to be invoiced to the customer, security documents, etc.;
  • Vehicle advance payment;

  • Standard or customized reports according to the business needs of each business.

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