Lease Administration

A proper planning and controlled maintenance of contracted services may lead to a reduction of up to 20% of a company’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

Charisma Lease Administration is a solution dedicated to construction, real estate companies and those specializing in Building Services and Facility Management. It provides professionals and building owners with a powerful and flexible solution for service and physical assets management within a building: spaces, furniture, computers and equipment, contracts with water, electricity, rents, security and safety, cleaning, internet suppliers etc.

Some of the clients that use Charisma Lease Administration module


Financial and operational benefits
  • Ensures efficient use of spaces, by connecting and managing supplier contracts and clients afferent to each square meter;
  • Distributes and allocates costs according to the area used;
  • Manages all recurring and invoiced expenses, either aggregately or separately (all expenses included: monthly rent with utilities, security expenses included or separately etc.);
  • Ensures client and supplier contract management, together with their attributes and contractual history.

  • Space & lease management:
    • Types of spaces: stands, warehouses, offices etc.
    • Space properties: name, description, legal status (rented, sold, leased, fixed asset, stock), location, collection agent, floor area, building area, commercial area, contacts;
  • Sales contracts management:
    • General information (date, client, validity period);
    • Objects of the contract – services, products, invoicing method and link to the physical spaces that are to be administered or rented;
    • Invoicing conditions and afferent timetable;
    • Credit control features: penalty clause and percentage, payment intervals;
    • Scanned documents attached to the contract (contract, addenda, acceptance forms);
    • Contract templates;
    • Historical contract versions.

  • Registration and allocation of utility consumptions on invoices per each sale/lease contract;

  • Generation of invoices based on contractual terms;
  • Re-invoicing of utility services and costs and other administrative expenses;
  • Reports:
    • Contracts due to expire;
    • Payments for the selected period;
    • Unused/non-rented spaces.
  • Alerts:
    • Contracts due to expire.

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