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Both companies providing financial services and insurance brokers and those insured need the best management methods for risks of any kind, at lower costs and according to the applicable law.

Insurance software is an end-to-end robust software product that optimizes the management of patrimony, financial, civil liability or personal risks. The solution provides an integrated set of tools intended to track the insurance contracts and policies of any kind (assets, financial risks, Casco, etc.) signed between the company or the beneficiary of the asset and any insurance company (Insurer). This module is perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP.


Some of the customers who use the Insurance Module from Charisma ERP

Financial and operational benefits
Reduces the operational costs

Thanks to the centralization and automation of the entire insurance process, the access to information becomes extremely easy, the redundant time and time consuming tasks are minimized, and the operational costs are significantly reduced.

Increases the profitability
The solution supports the company's customers by facilitating the insurance process and by minimizing the waiting time for solving certain specific situations.

Minimizes the operational risk
Thanks to the use of rules for the integrity and optimization of flows specific to the internal policy of each insurance company, the product significantly minimizes the operational and business risks.


  • Provides the control of insurance policies through content, insurance terms, premiums, deductibles by types of risk, set insurance conventions, periodicity and payment schedule;
  • Settles the scope of the policy whether we are talking about asset insurance, life insurance, civil auto liability insurance (MTPL) or financial risk insurance;
  • Manages the insurance conventions with the insurance companies, supporting the automation of policy generation and setting term templates such as currency, periodicity, type of payment schedule, calculation method of the insured value and insurance premiums, additional ratios, wear and tear grids for each type of insurance, etc.
  • Benefits from the management of insurance contracts in different currencies, as well as of the scheduling of insurance installment payments by various criteria;
  • Manages the portfolio of the insured assets, regardless their nature (auto, equipment, real estate, software, MTPL, life, etc.) by efficiently capturing and reporting specific information and properties for each asset category; multiple filtering criteria;
  • Monitors the change history of the insurance policies through Addendums: changing the financial parameters, rescheduling the installments or residual values, advance payments, assignments, terminations, total losses, etc.;
  • Includes features for renewing or supplementing the policies, with multiple possibilities for filtering and parameterization of the new documents or values;
  • Ensures the full traceability with the Leasing module;
  • Allows financing the insurance values with own or included payment schedule in the leasing contract's installments, depending on the situation;

  • Increases the efficiency of the financial management of the insurance policies through:
    • Insurance registry - brings together all the insurance installments with due date in a certain selected period; used as basic document for managing the debts to the insurer, as well as for their manual payment;
    • Payment interface for the insurers – automates the operational flow for the user policies managed by the leasing companies by checking the payments made by the user directly to the insurer;
    • Monthly insurance account records - charging the insurance installments as expenses; used to determine the monthly insurance expense rate based on all the recorded policies, as well as the advanced payments;
  • Generates the reports specific to management, both standard and customer-specific:
    • General insurance status, cumulating all the existing policies, grouped by Insurer and including the payable amounts or the already paid amounts;
    • List of policies with a certain end date for notifying the proximity of the end date and the need for renewing the policies;
    • Insurance leasing contracts – enables tracking the newly created contracts that need insurance policies to be prepared;
    • Statement of debts and due dates by period for planning the cash flow;
    • Empowerments – MTPL/ CASCO damages, travels abroad;
    • MTPL / NON-MTPL registry of charges;
    • Loss report.

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