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The disappearance of borders between regions, countries, industries, or the diversification of finance tracking and investing methods are just few elements which significantly increase both the competition and the difficulty of remaining competitive in a market with increasingly lower entry barriers. A modern company can become an important player in its business field only with the help of integrated information systems, complying with the international applicable law,  which can support business development with international partners.

Foreign Trade module automates and optimizes the entire operations specific to the import and export activities, regardless the business field. The module ensures tracking orders from external providers, goods' routes, lohn operations, temporary or permanent imports, and customs protocols in the European Union, taxes and customs, providing an essential support in reducing the operational costs of the organizations of any size. This module is part of Charisma ERP core.

Clients who use the Foreign Trade module from Charisma ERP

Financial and operational benefits

Improves the decisional system
Due to legislative changes fast adapting and to key information within Charisma ERP system, Foreign Trade module improves the decision making process system based on international context compliant reports.

Increases the international competitive power
By providing key information for choosing the best providers according to the internal criteria of the organization, or the "smart" purchasing based on replenishment, the module supports both increased power of the negotiation process and increased business competitiveness by reducing the manufacturing costs and increasingthe operational margins.

Reduces the operational costs
By eliminating the redundant and manual effort required to manage the purchasing and external sales, the Import-Export module significantly reduces the operational costs and the time spent with redundant, time consuming tasks, with the help of external documents associated to the traded goods.


  • Tracks the foreign providers' orders by confirming the shipping and receiving dates;
  • Registers the packing list of the foreign provider, a document that accompanies the freight;
  • Calculates the taxes and customs based on the international customs codes;
  • Tracks the conformity of the prices agreed with the foreign provider (foreign currency price lists);
  • Allows goods' pre-storage by keeping in custody the goods of the business partners;
  • Calculates the price of recording into the inventory based on CIP price, taxes and customs, and the related services (freight and insurance);
  • Records and tracks invoices for different external or internal services related to the import (freight, customs, etc.);

  • Operates with multiple currencies, also highlighting the exchange rate differences; the cost of goods sold is also tracked in the historical exchange rate;
  • Ensures the proper handling of reception differences and the reconciliation with the foreign provider;
  • Automatically generates the Export Customs Statement (DVE) based on the customs codes and the exporting country;
  • Provides management of import purchases by automatic generation of the Import Customs Statement (DVI) or Intra-community purchase protocol, then the Reception Note (NIR) generation with automatic assignation of customs and other related expenses, such as freight, insurance, into product prices;

  • Follows inward progress - recovering or not paying the customs and VAT in the customs for the imported products used as raw material for the exported products;
  • Includes the Lohn submodule - the end product can be exported to the same foreign partner that had provided the raw material without paying customs;
  • Tracks the temporary imports and their justification to the customs for the related exports (lohn);
  • It is natively integrated with the basic modules in Charisma ERP suite: Financials, Sales, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, Budget Management, Inventory,  Insurance Management and Financing Contracts Management.

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