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The management of a company's vehicle fleet should cover all the aspects of the vehicle's life, from acquisition, profile creation, route tracking, maintenance or assigned drivers to removal from the company's inventory. Regardless the scope of business and number of vehicles used, from distribution to supply chains up to operational leasing and utilities, a company can outsource or internally conduct the fleet management.

Fleet Management software increases the efficiency of the vehicle park management, significantly reducing the operational costs and ensuring their good operation.  The solution automates the calculation of driver costs and work routes, optimizing the vehicle park and significantly contributing to the increase of the company's profitability. This module is perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP.


Customers who use the Fleet Management Module from Charisma ERP


Financial and operational benefits

Provides cost controllig features and increases profitability through

  • online fast access to physical, logistics, site details related to vehicles of any type, using advanced search criteria;
  • tracking and checking the costs related to maintenance and repairs, insurances and taxes, licenses, parts and supplies, envelopes and batteries, fines and vehicle maintenance;
  • correct planning of freights and events and maximum driver productivity during a day; provides the possibility to forecast the time or unassigned persons for a given period, as well as the route performance analysis (planned versus done);
  • advanced document management: licenses, driving licenses, insurances, shipping notices, etc;
  • avoiding the internal frauds and reducing fuel costs after the pre-calculating each route (average mileage cost according to road types) and by choosing the optimal route;
  • automatic forecast and alert on the expenses or mandatory actions regarding the licenses, registrations, authorizations, taxes, repairs and revisions;
  • full, detail and historical management of the revisions, repairs and all service interventions performed on a vehicle;
  • automatic parameterization and calculation of employee (drivers) costs by managing the worked hours, distances traveled, number of performed courses, etc;
  • real-time access and permanent monitoring of route sheets based on the daily sheets, along with the routes traveled and the additional services performed;
  • accident and damage management;
  • fleet management with multi-department, multi-cost center, multi-location possibilities.

Reduces the operational allocations through

  • electronic import of the performed transactions or the fuel charges at the partner gas stations;
  • automatic notification on the end date of an authorization/license or of the moment a vehicle is returned to the base;
  • easy access and printing of interest documents for each vehicle and driver being managed;
  • customized and interactive querying of reports regarding the vehicle park management performance.

Thanks to the low implementation cost, native integration with Charisma ERP 2011 or any other type of ERP information system, as well as thanks to the Web platform, independent from the hardware configuration of workstations, the module offers an extremely low total cost of ownership.

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