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The various treasury needs of the company have lead to the development of an extremely diversified range of financing products. This diversification includes the implementation of integrated systems for tracking their use efficiency by the financial-banking institutions.

Financial Wholesale module efficiently monitors and manages the wholesale contracts signed with the dealers or entered between two third parties with the purpose of selling goods in big quantities under the terms of profitable financing offered by the company. The solution enables calculating the interests and taxes related to the contracts and keeps the history of all changes during the lifecycle of the wholesale contracts. This module is perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP.

Customers who use the Financial Wholesale Module from Charisma ERP


Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the corporation risk and operational costs by:

  • centralizing heterogeneous information brought by the native integration with Charisma ERP 2011;
  • eliminating redundant and manual data collection and processing;
  • fast access to information;
  • complex and real-time management of financing lines, as well as treasury withdrawals by capturing and tracking the entire data history of the dealer, provider of products or financed services, financial parameters, credited products/services, interest documents, etc;
  • approving and validating financings according to limits, flows and rules that are established and followed in a complex manner;
  • automating the calculation of fees, interests, penalties and provisions (based on the debt service) related to the wholesale contracts;
  • specialized management of securities and documents related to the financing contracts;
  • automatic closing the contracts according to the maturity date and the total reimbursement of debts;
  • easy tracking the inventory and history by dealer;

Optimizes the sales and significantly increases the scope of the business by:

  • quick and advanced interaction with partner dealers with the help of an on-line, user-friendly, easy-to-use interface; retrieving the financing requests, as well as the complete and detailed statement of the signed contracts is performed based on secured access;
  •  both centralized and separate management of all business units of the dealers;
  • defining and best using the financing products to flexibly serve the financial needs of the partners;
  • multi-currency and multi-localization offers;

Improves the business relationship with the partners via:

  • permanent and transparent access to the statement of the contracted financing lines, payment status and open invoices;
  • the discount option, payment split and various reimbursements according to the securities and partner type;
  • automatically notifying on issuing the invoices or due dates of capital, interest, fees, penalties or expenses for contracts;

Benefits from the business expertise of the leader in information solution market on financial services segment

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