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The financing needs increase simultaneously with the business growth. The financial-banking institutions support the startups, as well as the companies already active on the market that need financing for their business development with help of factoring products.

Factoring software brings the benefit integrating the management of the financing factoring contracts, while improving the customer portfolio and increasing the company's profitability. The solution flexibly manages credit lines, valid financial products, risk categories for customer scoring, but also mechanisms for calculating interests or discounts. This module is perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP.

Customers who use the Factoring Module from Charisma ERP

Financial and operational benefits

Increases customer portfolio and relationships through:

  • programs and products that support customer business;
  • advanced control on cash access based on express decision for funds drawing;   
  • online and easy-to-use secured interface for posting the financing requests, as well as for querying the centralized situation of the financing contracts, receipts and payments made by contracts;
  • easy defining and using financing products, credit lines, reimbursement terms that would optimally serve the financial needs of the customers;
  • multi-currency and multi-localization offers, as well as the possibility to negotiate and implement discounts;
  • automatic notification on the due dates of capital or interest, fees, penalties or expenses by contracts;

Reduces the corporation risk and operational costs by:

  • centralizing heterogeneous information and processes brought by the native integration with Charisma ERP 2011;
  • eliminating redundant and manual data collection and processing;
  • managing the financing lines and cash withdrawals in a complex and real time manner, by capturing and tracking the entire history of customer and provider data, financial parameters, credit invoices, interest documents, etc;
  • approving and validating financings according to limits, flows and rules that are established and followed in a complex manner;
  • automating the calculation of fees, interests, penalties related to the factoring contracts;
  • specialized management of securities and documents related to the financing contracts;
  • quick access to information, querying reports in real time on costumer records, future payments, overdue amounts, etc.

Benefits from the business expertise of the leader in information solution market on financial services segment

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