Romania or any other UE member has a great potential both for investments and financings. Any growing economy enforces the creation of financing offers for any type of consumer, whether we are talking about an individual or a legal entity.  Regardless it will collaborate with the credit dealers or officers for equipment, engineering services or household goods or will directly sell the financial products, the financial-banking institution needs to permanently track and increase the efficiency of the credit process.

Credits software ensures the complete management of the credit activity both directly to individuals and companies for equipment financings or business development in various areas.

Some of the customers who use the Credits module

Financial and operational benefits

Increasing the efficiency of the credit process management by:

  • Recording the credit applications directly in store by using the Front-Office application;
  • Full coverage of the credit flow: offer, analysis, approval, preparation and contract tracking. Implementation of tracking and approval status flows that are perfectly adaptable to internal policies;
  • Full coverage of the stages involved in credit contract management: credit payment to the customer or the provider of the good or service, contract activation, payment notifications to the customer for credit reimbursement, tracking bad payers (penalties, notifications, summons);
  • The possibility to print all the required documents and forms;
  • Multi-currency option at portfolio level and financing multi-objective at offer and contracting level;
  • The complete management of credit contracts, from financial parameters (interest, credit value, payment schedule, fees, customer tranches, scoring, risk, applicant information) to third parties required for approval and tracking (involved partners, co-financings, securities, insurances, receipts, penalties);
  • Providing a secured working environment, split by access rights;
  • Integration with PayNet. File export/import interface between Charisma ERP and the card operator.

Reducing the operational and office supply-related costs by:

  • Eliminating physical and electronic documents sent via fax or e-mail between departments or between stores and the headquarters.
  • Full traceability of the documents and processes occurred during a credit: offer, file, contract, documents for implicit securities and necessary for the analysis file, insurance, payments, reimbursements;
  • Integration with multi-cash systems. The electronic payments of the customers are correctly integrated into the system, being linked and matched in real time with the payment notifications up to contract or detail level;
  • Covering NBR reporting, penalty calculation, exchange rate or provision differences, as well as interest acknowledgement at the end of the month;
  • Monitoring the history of changes through addendums. Manages the changes occurred during the contract execution (innovation, interest changes, payment schedule re-calculation);
  • Managing the security documents and implicit insurances required at offer or contract level, as well as their real-time changes by keeping the history;
  • Native integration with Charisma ERP for managing the payments to customer/provider and the receipts performed for credit reimbursement.

Increasing the market share by:

  • Managing credit cards, personal credits or various financings.
  • Speed and efficiency. Automating the credit system and real-time using by own operators located in other stores or subsidiaries or by the providers with whom the organization has credit insurance conventions;
  • Using flexible financing products, adapted to the economic market; defining and controlling the financing terms by setting fixed or variable interests, financing limit types, effective periods, fixed or variable fees, calculated based on configurable formulas, financed product categories or objectives;
  • Configurable monthly or quarterly payment schedules, with the possibility of granting grace periods or seasonal reimbursements;
  • Advanced configurability. Scoring, score, limit values, applicant information, financial parameters, credit and risk categories, requisites, tranches and various customer payment plans, financing lines and various financing limits, black list.

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