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Core Business

Accounting ERP Software | Charisma ERP


Accounting module is a robust software solution that collects all data from the Charisma ERP operational modules and integrates them into an accounting form. Regardless the structure, size, international environment, language, currency or the company's chart of accounts, the module has the capability to provide centralized financial data, essential information about the financial status of the company or about the results and the progress of the financial performance over time.

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Treasury module - financial software | Charisma ERP


Treasury module is a powerful and complex tool for monitoring the current and future cash flows within a company, as a whole or by subunits. Thus, the information obtained by integrating all the relevant data related to cash flow within the company can be used for future business analysis and for future efficient decisions.

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Cash Flow Financial Software | Charisma ERP

Cash Flow

Any organization, regardless of its size or industry, wants to control the financial situation thoroughly and permanently. Cash Flow module provides support in controlling the cash inflows and outflows within the organization. The objective of this module is to inform accurately and correctly the company’s management and to maintain an optimal level of cash flow.

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Sales Software Module | Charisma ERP


Sales module is a mandatory component of Charisma ERP integrated system, specially designed to ensure a correct and efficient management of the sales operations specific to each business field. The module automates and centralizes the requests for quotations, offers, invoices, orders, notices, discount or promotion campaigns, customers’ types, sales areas or delivery areas.

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Purchasing Software | Charisma ERP - no.1 in Romanian ERP market


Purchases module covers all the basic features of an integrated information system designed for the automation and optimization of supply and purchasing processes, starting from the item purchase request , and finalizing with with the purchased items management. The Purchases module is used by the most powerful Romanian organizations, and is perfectly adaptable to the specific of each company, regardless its size or complexity.

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Asset Management Software | Charisma ERP

Asset Management

Asset Management software is designed to ensure continuous, correct and efficient monitoring of tangible fixed assets (fixed assets and inventory goods) and the intangible assets with depreciation (computer programs, licenses, patents, trademarks). Asset Management software provides a consistent view of the fixed assets held by the company, as well as the assignments, quantities, branches, maintenance and depreciation of these.

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Budget Management Software | Charisma ERP

Budget Management

Budget Management module enables defining, planning and enhanced control of budgets through different period of times, within organizations of any size or complexity, regardless their business field. Budget Management module is a powerful tool to streamline a company's financial activity, by early identification of opportunities to save money for future expenses, known or unknown.

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Inventory management software | Charisma ERP

Inventory Management

The inventory management module has the role to provide efficient monitoring and management of complex stocks with raw materials, materials, end products and unfinished goods, as well as inventory goods. Inventory management module is successfully implemented and used in Romania's most powerful organizations, and is perfectly adaptable to the specific of any company, regardless its size, complexity or business field.

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Foreign trade software module | Charisma ERP

Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade module automates and optimizes the entire operations specific to the import and export activities, regardless the business field. The module ensures tracking orders from external providers, goods' routes, lohn operations, temporary or permanent imports, and customs protocols in the European Union, taxes and customs, providing an essential support in reducing the operational costs of the organizations of any size.

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My Tasks - software for task management | Charisma ERP

My Tasks

My Tasks simplifies the tracking and updating of daily activities’ progress. The module is fully integrated with Charisma ERP Core so that users can easily transfer and synchronize their activities with other planning solutions (like MS Outlook).

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"... Charisma ERP was definitely the right choice, being a valuable software and decisional support ..."
Daniel Muntean,
General manager Rodbun
"... For the vegetal production, Charisma offers the data necessary for the agricultural process, supporting the activity with graphical and tabular reports in the production units in the territory. It also allows tracking the working progress and costs in real time, as well as the profitability analysis at profit/cost centre level. ..."
Agro Chirnogi,
Maria Trading
Maria Trading (Agro Chirnogi)
"... The solution offered by TotalSoft integrates both the company’s and the group’s resources in a single software system (financial, human, material, and the resources specific to vegetal production and livestock). The most important functionality for the vegetal production was the graphical interface for internal reporting to authorities with land map controls. ..."
TCE 3 Brazi,
Culiță Tărâță
Agricost (TCE 3 Brazi - Culiță Tărâță)
"... The chicken products can be registered directly in the inventory in Charisma, obtaining a total traceability of every chicken lot in the slaughter house.  Because tens of products can result from a chicken, the traceability is extremely important for a clear image of production in accordance with the request. ..."
Carmistin - Avicarvil


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