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Any organization, regardless of its size or industry, wants to control the financial situation thoroughly and permanently. Only through a complex and correct analysis, organizational problems and critical points related to money, can be identified  in time.

Cash Flow software provides support in controlling the cash inflows and outflows within the organization. The objective of this module is to inform accurately and correctly the company’s management and to maintain an optimal level of cash flow. This module is part of Charisma ERP core modules.

Some of the customers who use the Cash Flow Module from Charisma ERP

Financial and Operational Benefits

  • Provides financial control over the business activities;
  • Provides support in cost and investment optimization in accordance with real possibilities of the organization;
  • Correctly predicts and manages cash flows within the organization;
  • Alerts rapidly the problems related to organization’s liquidity;
  • Provides an intuitive and configurable interface.


  • Automatically retrieves data from the system and examines financial components that affect the cash flow: account payables, account receivables, investments, , directed expenditures etc.
  • Performs analysis on configurable time periods (day, week, month and year);
  • It has a hierarchical structure (tree structure) and drill-down facilities (view documents that contributed to the value of the report); it contains an initial cash balance, a final one and the difference between the two for each time interval run;
  • The hierarchical structure can be configured depending on the type of analysis desired by the organization (customers – raw materials customers, various clients, salaries; suppliers – domestic suppliers, foreign suppliers);
  • Includes manual defining and recording options for the values, in addition to the automatically data extracted from Charisma ERP’s operational modules;
  • The information displayed is differentiated by the type of cash flow, as a report containing both past and future periods as follows:
    • past periods will show the executed cash flow (includes real cash flows);
    • future periods will include cash flow forecasts.
  • Possibility to mark with an "M" the fields where data is being processed manually;

  • Once the processing is done, the solution allows cancelling the possibility to manually change cash flow amounts so as to prevent doubling the sum (the letter M will disappear);
  • Includes the possibility to develop cash flows scenarios and forecasts;
  • Allows the association of partners with each entry in the cash flow structure;
  • It is divided into: budgeted values (reflect the company’s liabilities at a certain date or for a preset time interval) and achieved values (reflect the payment of these liabilities at a certain date or for a predefined time interval);
  • Allows to calculate and display the calculated values ​​in different currencies;
  • Each budget change leads automatically to changes in the budget report;


  • Facilitates the construction of scenarios by changing the date or value manually in the cash flow report without changing the date and time of the original report. Provides comparison and prediction tools.
  • Displays the cash flow progress chart and cash flow lines (monetary values ​​grouped by time intervals), as well as other cash flow details (displays all components of cash flow or just lines of a certain period): 

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