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In difficult economic situations, the companies are facing with a maximum pressure for optimizing their operational flows. The cost reduction is critical for surviving and maintaining a minimum profitability threshold. In order to take advantage from the market opportunities, there are needed strategic decisions based on the market context, as well as on the financial constraints each faced by any operational unit in real time. Budgeting means planning operations and effective planning is crucial in achieving the desired result.

Budget Management module enables defining, planning and enhanced control of budgets through different period of times, within organizations of any size or complexity, regardless their business field. Budget Management module is a powerful tool to streamline a company's financial activity, by early identification of opportunities to save money for future expenses, known or unknown. This module is part of Charisma ERP core.

Some of the customers who use the Budget Management Module from Charisma ERP

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the time needed to create the budget
Thanks to the centralization of all budgets into a single database, as well as all the information used in the decisional process, the solution provides real-time reports, significantly reducing the time needed for budget consolidation and leaving more time for making strategic decisions.

Reduces the operational costs
Thanks to reducing the number of persons involved in the consolidation and centralization process of the heterogeneous information, the solution reduces the operational costs, eliminates redundant work and downtimes assigned for repeated checks of information, but also the human errors occurred from simultaneously using more applications. Furthermore, Budget Management module reduces the costs of migrating data from heterogeneous sources into an integrated system.

Exceptional business expertise
Thanks to the large number of various complex implementations in different business fields, the solution benefits from the support of a team with remarkable experience that guarantees the project success. Moreover, the implementation team supports a first budgeting within the system.


  • Tracking the expenses and revenues, both centralized and by analysis center hierarchies;
  • Controlling and distributing budgets at employee, signed contract, project, department, direction, cost/profit center level or at organization, centralized level;

  • Structuring the budget by analysis periods defined by the user (month, quarter, semester, year);
  • Matrix organization of the budget, sized by the calculation items and analysis centers;
  • Using revenue, expenses, current assets, offsets, receivables accounts for creating the budget; correlation between the analysis centers and the accounting notes;

  • Accounting integration with all the operational segments;

  • Allocating the recorded result by manual or automatic distribution keys;
  • Allocating the distribution keys according to percentage or amount;
  • Ordering and prioritizing the distribution process;
  • Defining the analysis indicators of the budget execution;
  • Ability to enter budget accounting notes;
  • Generating and updating budgets in real time;
  • Splitting the expenditures by cost and profit centers, and by cash input and output;
  • Cashflow by partners or by cashflow analysis lines;
  • Multiple budgets for versioned past or future periods;
  • Entering budgets in various currencies;
  • Closing budgets;

  • Quick reporting of the budgeted vs. achieved, centralized, sized by analysis centers and calculation items;
  • Exporting data organized in Excel for future analysis or external reporting;
  • It is natively integrated with the basic modules in Charisma ERP suite: Financials, Sales, Purchasing, Fixed Assets,  Inventory, External Trade, Insurance Management and Financing Contracts Management.

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